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What’s to come? A Roxette & related recap…

BERLIN – Blowing the dust off… (and for you guys who don’t hang on Facebook)

Well, as you know there is this Christmas season approaching again as usual and so you’re gonna need some gifts. Let’s see…


“Roxette Live Travelling The World”

release date: December 6, 2013

format: BD & CD and DVD & CD

subtitles: English, German, Spanish

video tracks:(source

  1. Dressed for Success
  2. Sleeping in My Car 
  3. The Big L
  4. Silver Blue 
  5. Stars 
  6. She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio)
  7. Perfect Day
  8. Things Will Never be the Same
  9. It Must Have Been Love 
  10. It’s Possible
  11. 7Twenty7
  12. Fading Like a Flower
  13. Crash! Boom! Bang!
  14. How Do You Do!
  15. Dangerous
  16. Joyride
  17. Spending My Time
  18. The Look
  19. Listen to Your Heart
  20. Church of Your Heart

Documentary: It All Begins Where It Ends – The Incredible Story of Roxette

extras (BD only):

  1. Part 1 “So, Christoffer?”
  2. Part 2 “Studio Work”
  3. Part 3 “Travelling”
  4. Mikael Nogueira-Svensson – The Secret Life of a Guitar Tech

audio tracks (CD):

  1. Dressed for Success (Live from Santiago 2012)
  2. Sleeping in My Car (Live from Santiago 2012)
  3. The Big L (Live from Santiago 2012)
  4. She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio) [Live from Santiago 2012]
  5. Perfect Day (Live from Santiago 2012)
  6. It Must Have Been Love (Live from Santiago 2012)
  7. It’s Possible (Live from Santiago 2012)
  8. 7Twenty7 (Live from Santiago 2012)
  9. Fading Like a Flower (Live from Santiago 2012)
  10. Crash! Boom! Bang! (Live from Santiago 2012)
  11. How Do You Do! (Live from Santiago 2012)
  12. Dangerous (Live from Santiago 2012)
  13. Joyride (Live from Santiago 2012)
  14. Spending My Time (Live from Santiago 2012)
  15. The Look (Live from Santiago 2012)
  16. Listen to Your Heart (Live from Santiago 2012)

audio tracks (iTunes and Spotify only):

  1. Silver Blue
  2. Church of Your Heart

Marie Fredriksson

Marie will go on solo tour through Sweden next spring. Get your tickets at Live Nation’s website.

tour dates:

19.2 Helsingborg – Helsingborgs Konserthus
21.2 Örebro – Conventum
22.2 Norrköping – Louis De Geer
28.2 Visby – Wisbystrand
2.3 Kalmar – Kalmarsalen
7.3 Malmö – Malmö Konserthus
8.3 Växjö – Växjö Konserthus
14.3 Jönköping – Jönköpings Konserthus
15.3 Göteborg – Göteborgs Konserthus
19.3 Uppsala – Uppsala Konsert och Kongress
21.3 Halmstad – Halmstad Arena
22.3 Karlstad – Karlstad CCC
4.4 Borås – Åhaga
5.4 Linköping – Linköping Konsert & Kongress
8.4 Stockholm – Cirkus
11.4 Gävle – Gävle Konserthus
12.4 Västerås – Västerås Konserthus
18.4 Luleå – Kulturens Hus
19.4 Umeå – Folkets Hus

There will also be a new solo album in Swedish by Marie.

Marie Fredriksson: “Nu!”

release date: November 27, 2013

format: CD, digital

audio tracks:

  1. Kom vila hos mig
  2. Det bästa som nånsin kan hända
  3. Det är nu!
  4. Längtan
  5. Sista sommarens vals
  6. Aldrig längre bort än nära
  7. Bara 3 ord
  8. Känn dig som hemma (written by Per)
  9. Jag undrar vad du tänker på
  10. Stjärna som brinner
  11. I morgon
  12. Vad vore jag utan dig

The first single off the album has been released already:

Marie Fredriksson: “Kom vila hos mig”

format: digital only



Gyllene Tider

Gyllene Tider had finished their live tour through Sweden just a few weeks ago. Expect the Swedish television to show extended footage of the concert around X-mas this year. A little later it will be released physically as BD/DVD/CD. Don’t expect them to be on time, though…

The freshest (double A-sided of course) single of Gyllene Tider is called… “Singel/Dags att tänka på refrängen” and you can actually buy it already.


Gyllene Tider: “Singel #2/Dags att tänka på refrängen”

format: 7″ vinyl (clear or black)

audio tracks:

  1. Singel #2
  2. Dags att tänka på refrängen (album version)
  3. Dags att tänka på refrängen #2


Also it shall be noted that Swedish journalist Jan-Owe Wikström will publish his new book about Gyllene Tider soon.


Jan-Owe Wikström: “Alla tiders Gyllene Tider”

release date: November 15, 2013

format: book

language: Swedish

Per Gessle

We are expecting the release of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother”, the single off the “Small Apartments” soundtrack, anytime now. Per told us there will be a video to it. Maybe he’s in the USA right now recording it? So keep your panties on!


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