Update: Some Other Summer – Lyrics + Snippet

Listen to a snippet of DJ Sebastien Drums’ take on Roxette’s forthcoming song “Some Other Summer”.

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Click here to head over to the German iTunes store to hear the song. The Roxette version will feature on the new upcoming Roxette album – and Per has confirmed that the song will NOT be the single. See the lyrics below! 

Some Other Summer

You locked the door
Don’t know why
You had to keep
It all inside
Just had to smell
That sweet perfume
And watch the stars, the soul, the room

Some other summer
Some other summer
You will do better
Oh the crash will make you strong
Some other sunshine
Some other shoreline
You will do better
Oh the burnin’…

Lyrics: Per Gessle

Roxette’s version will likely feature more lyrics. If you can’t reach the German iTunes here’s the snippet.


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September 13th, 2015

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