Update: Some Other Summer – Lyrics + Snippet

Listen to a snippet of DJ Sebastien Drums’ take on Roxette’s forthcoming song “Some Other Summer”.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 9.37.16 pm

Click here to head over to the German iTunes store to hear the song. The Roxette version will feature on the new upcoming Roxette album – and Per has confirmed that the song will NOT be the single. See the lyrics below! 

Some Other Summer

You locked the door
Don’t know why
You had to keep
It all inside
Just had to smell
That sweet perfume
And watch the stars, the soul, the room

Some other summer
Some other summer
You will do better
Oh the crash will make you strong
Some other sunshine
Some other shoreline
You will do better
Oh the burnin’…

Lyrics: Per Gessle

Roxette’s version will likely feature more lyrics. If you can’t reach the German iTunes here’s the snippet.


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September 13th, 2015

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  • Alejandro

    I love it!

  • Lour

    La voz de Per… me recuerda las viejas épocas. Me encanta!! … vuelve la ansiedad por escuchar un disco nuevo. aguante Rox!

  • TheRoxettishFan

    Terrible! Where’s Marie vocals? Trash!

    • Fabio Deluca


  • Fabio Deluca

    It couldn’t be more generic and repetitive, lol. Turn on the radio and you’ll hear a thousand songs like this…

  • Tavo

    I already hate it. Where’s Marie? I wanna hear HER.

  • Eduardo Fernandes

    But I think that the Rox version will at least “alright”.

  • Rodrigo Caceres M.

    Party Crasher times… Not a Rox Sound, but I need to hear the Roxette version

  • Graves

    Awful… Per really should take a 5 years break to see if he’s songs get better.

  • dami

    i like it!:)

  • Sample Loops

    Terrible… Per’s voice is like ughhh 🙁

  • Barry Mieny

    Let’s hope the real version sounds better, as this is just more of the generic “music” that gets played on radio these days.

  • Ettexor


  • Tridy

    Reading the comments first, and listening to the snipped after, I must say it sounds promising to me. After Adrian and Adam remixes of ‘Nothing on’ this sounds actually very good to me.

    What if the single (that is not this title) will have a B-Side this remix of album track that has not been released yet in its original sound.

    Another what if this was not an album track but instead a multi-track demo that the remixer got, and we hear different vocals on the album version. That would have been a surprise.

  • Robert Quinteros

    I don’t agree with you saying that this is generic music. This is a really nice summer house tune with funky vibes. The melody is great, the lyrics I don’t know, it could have been more relevant. It also borrows from other Per’s songs “keep it all inside” similar “why she keep it to herself”, ” smell that sweet perfume” with “I recognized the perfume”, “And watch the stars, the soul, the room” similar to “…run the earth, the stars, the sun”. Well, all in all it’s ok.

  • RobS

    I’m not making any judgements based on this. It’s a remix (or whatever it’s supposed to be) of a song that we haven’t heard. The only thing you can judge on at the moment is the lyrics and Per’s vocals to some degree, but even they seem overly distorted. I like the lyric… now bring on the rest! And yeah, it needs some Marie.

  • No one considers Dancing DJs Roxette, so why are you thinking Mr Drums is? 😀

  • Krischan76

    Well, first of all it’s a remix, and they had a lot of awful ones. There’s that. On a related note, the timing for a late summer Ibiza club hit seems four weeks off.

    I mean, I knew it the moment Per declared going all artsy-fartsy with “new influences” and “outside input” where this would end. HAND or YDUM anyone? Ewwww… Taking only the chorus and the verse, it’s perfect for a Party Crasher successor, but for Roxette I hate it!

    Gonna buy it anyway, as usual. Oh dear, what am I doing with my life?

  • MeNotYou

    Why are so many disappointed it doesn’t sound much like a Roxette track? Of course it doesn’t! A DJ put his own spin on it. I for one quite like it. Like it a lot actually. Agree though that the timing to get this released is off.

  • Andrea

    Mhm I don’t know What to Say. ..I don’t Like remixes especially for a rox
    Song but I’m looking forward to listen to The original version and pause
    My judjement for Now. ..

  • Maria Besedina

    Vibrant, optimistic. Nice!

  • Tridy
  • Mishka

    Some other s***? Looking forward to hear the full original version

  • Thomas Lawrie-Clark

    Well, we know this isn’t the Rox version, but still nice to hear something new. UK people can already pre-order on iTunes:

  • Canex


  • jorgessle

    horrible mejor estaba con el otro dj que hizo su cancion

    Heikki L feat. Per Gessle – You Don’t Want Love me like

    • Krischan76

      Now, this is more like it!

      If you CAN fade out the horrible backing track and concentrate on lyrics and melody of the actual song.

  • Adam

    I like the song but I think this version falls short. I am sure the proper Roxette version will be great.

  • `