Tour plan so far, updated

28 Feb Tatneft Arena Kazan, Russia

3 March Palace of Sports Samara, Russia
5 March Palace of Sports Yekaterinburg, Russia
7 March Siberia Arena Novosibirsk, Russia
10 March Exhibition Center Kiev, Ukraine
12 March Minsk Arena Minsk, Belarus
14 March Siemens Arena Vilnius, Lithuania
16 March Arena Riga Riga, Latvia
18 March Saku Hall Tallinn, Estonia

01 Apr Vive Cuervo Salon Mexico City
04 Apr Luna Park Buenos Aires, Argentina
05 Apr Luna Park Buenos Aires, Argentina
07 Apr Orfero Córdoba, Argentina
09 Apr Movistar Arena Santiago, Chile
12 Apr Pepsi on Stage Porto Algre, Brazil
14 Apr Credicard Hall Sao Paulo, Brazil
16 Apr Citibank Hall Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
17 Apr Chevrolet Hall Belo Horizonte, Brazil
19 Apr Credicard Hall Sao Paulo, Brazil

10 May Grand Arena Cape Town, RSA
11 May Grand Arena Cape Town, RSA
14 May The Superbowl Sun City, RSA
15 May The Superbowl Sun City, RSA
27 May Terra Vibe Park Athens, Greece
29 May Nat. Palace of Culture Sofia, Bulgaria
30 May Zone Arena Bucharest, Romania

1 June Budapest Sport Arena Budapest Hungary
3 June See Fest Festival Graz, Austria
5 June O2 Arena Prague, Czech Rep.
6 June Steel Arena Kosice, Slovakia
9 June Plenen Bergen, Norway
11 June Zitadelle Berlin, Germany
12 June Hessentag Frankfurt, Germany
15 June Völkerschlachtsdenkmal Leipzig, Germany
16 June Tanzbrunnen Cologne, Germany
19 June Torwar Warsaw, Poland

7 July Stavern Festival Stavern, Norway
9 July Bospop Festival Weert, Netherlands
16 July Nordkalks Dagbrot Pargas, Finland
22 July Tivoli Copenhagen, Denmark
24 July Trädgårdsföreningen Gothenburg, Sweden
31 July Suikerrock Festival Tienen, Belgium

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