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#TURMVLG 20: Fireworks, Part 3. (Director: Michael Geoghegan, Producer: Louise Knight, 1994): Yes, Fireworks again, and there will be part 4 some day! Looks like we’re running out of time, this calendar is ending soon but we have so much more to tell you! Now, the lighthouse scene in Fireworks: It was made in a small village called Dungeness in Kent/England. You may have heard this name before if you’re very much into rock history and especially Pink Floyd. The sleeve for the…ir album A COLLECTION OF GREAT DANCE SONGS was photographed there, to be precise in front of Seagull cottage (don’t look for it, it burnt down in the early 1980s). The other thing Dungeness is known for is the huge grey block of concrete that appears directly behind the lighthouse if you watch carefully. It’s the Dungeness Nuclear Power Station. You also find one of Europe’s longest shingle beaches (which is a problem for the power station as this isn’t exactly the most stable underground you can imagine for a building like that) and in the old fishermen cottages live artists now. The Prodigy, Lighthouse Family (yes, really!) and Nicki Minaj all made music videos there, to name just a few. If you want, you can climb up the lighthouse and watch some birds in the Dungeness National Nature Reserve or even marry there. Just a hint for the eager fan. Location: Website of the Old Dungeness Lighthouse: See More

#TURMVLG 19: Anyone, Part 2. (Director: Jonas Åkerlund, Producer: Nicola Doring, 1999): We promised a 2nd part and there will even be a 3rd one for this video. So, last time, we were in Lisbon, now we are not far away from there, on a peninsula called Troia. We see a hotel, some parks, Marie at the pool. Well, these scenes weren’t all made in the same place. Let’s have a look. The pool scenes and the ones where Marie walks among this futuristic architecture were made in an al…ready then abandoned hotel area which got completely demolished in 2007. The area was totally restructured after this, and you wouldn’t recognize a single item there nowadays. If you use Google Earth and set the clock back to 2006 or earlier, you can still see the old hotel. (see Location 1) Yet, the tall building in the beginning is still there, and this is also where the interior scenes were shot. Today, it’s called Aqualuz Troia Mar&Rio Family Hotel and you can book your next vacation there. Or in the next hotel we will introduce to you soon enough… Location 1 (totally restructured in 2007):…/@38.4817144,-8.89824…/data=!3m1!1e3 Location 2 (Hotel Aqualuz): Lihat Selengkapnya

#TURMVLG 18: You Don’t Understand Me. (Director: Gregg Masuak, Producer: Phil Barnes, 1995): Beautiful and arty, this video – but where was it made? Well, there was confusion to begin with. In the TDR archives, we found “New Forest National Park, UK”. To double-check we asked the one member of our team that lives closest to this spot (we won’t give away his name here but it’s Paul) and he insisted that it must have been Dartmoor. Good, so we asked Per who instantly replied th…at they made the video in France. Oh, and he wondered if he was even there in person. We checked the video and it turned out he actually was present, at least for a second, in the background. Next one to ask was the director, a really funny guy named Gregg Masuak and here’s what he said: “I actually don’t recall myself as it was one of the very few videos I did that I was literally taken from the airplane from Los Angeles where I was, shoved in a car and driven to the location. It was actually torrential freezing rain the entire two days shoot, the wettest, bleakest physical experience I’d had – despite its immense creativity and good vibes!”. But he also promised to get the information we needed. So he asked the producer, Phil Barnes, who seems to be a well organized chap and confirmed that it was indeed the New Forest NP. Still which spot exactly, remains unclear unless someone here in the audience knows the area well enough to point us to the precise location. Update: Trinkerry Samba found the spot: ” It’s a place called ‘Ashley walk’ or ‘snake road’ in the New Forest, Hampshire, England.” Thank you! Location (updated):

We need to remember, and we need to go on. Let’s do this together! A few lines about what will be.

We need to remember, and we need to go on. Let’s do this together! A few lines about what will be.

Marie FredrikssonMarie Fredriksson

One week

"Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them." (George Eliot) Read the full story...

Sleep well, Marie

Staffan Karlsson is deeply involved in everything musical in Halmstad, Marie, The Husbands, Gyllene, Roxette, Per, MP or even Harpo, Niclas Wahlgren and Arch Enemy. Here's his goodbye to Marie on Halmstadmusik. Read the full story...

”How can you be prepared when you lose a family member?” – Kirsten Ohlwein on Marie Fredriksson

Last time we shared Kirsten’s thoughts here was January this year. The title was 1001 nights without Marie referring to the time that had passed by since 18th April 2016 until then. Kirsten finished her writing with these words: To the next 1000 days! P.S.: In case something interesting comes up, don’t be surprised if … Read more

Marie Fredriksson has died

We are very sad to share this press note from Marie’s management with you. All our love to Marie’s husband and children as well as her beloved ones. Marie Fredriksson of Roxette has died It is with great sadness we have to announce that Marie Fredriksson of Roxette has passed away in the morning of December … Read more

Donate to the Cancer Foundation so that more people may stay alive and be cured from this horrible disease. We are sure Marie would feel the same.

Donate to the Cancer Foundation so that more people may stay alive and be cured from this horrible disease. We are sure Marie would feel the same.

Marie Fredriksson of Roxette has died

It is with great sadness we have to announce that Marie Fredriksson of Roxette has passed away in the morning of December 9, following a 17-year long battle with cancer. Read the full story...

Gyllene Tider


Gyllene Tider

Detektiv (7″)

Gyllene Tider 2.019, the review plus And the winner is…

It's been 40 years and some change. Gyllene Tider is considered one of the greats in Sweden, and rightfully so. Read the full story...

Gyllene Tider – Detektiv is out!

Gyllene Tider’s last surprise in their 40th anniversary year is to release a limited edition 7″ vinyl single in 500 copies on 6th December! Their new song, Detektiv is going to be on side A and 2, so far unreleased song versions, Tuff tuff tuff (som ett lokomotiv) and Du måste verkligen skämta will appear … Read more

Gyllene Tider shopping guide for Xmas 2019

It's this time of the year again when "oops" suddenly it's Xmas tomorrow, so here is your ultimate shopping guide. You're welcome! Read the full story...

Gyllene Tider 2.019 book contest

The Daily Roxette, in collaboration with author Anders Roos, will hereby hold a contest for the new and very interesting Gyllene Tider book – Gyllene Tider 2.019. Read the full story...

Gyllene Tider – GT40 Hits! Made in Halmstad

As we probably all expected, Gyllene Tider will release a greatest hits album in a few weeks. To make it more exciting, the guys decided to add 2 songs they never released before. One of them is Filmen om ditt liv, which is from the recordings of Finn 5 fel! and Detektiv, which is a … Read more

TDR presents: Gyllene Tider GT40: The Unofficial Tour Book 2019

Last year's book was a success, so we thought: Let's make this a habit! Read the full story...

Per Gessle nominated as Hallandian of The Year!

It’s the first time that Halland Marketing Association (Marknadsförening i Halland, MiH) in cooperation with Hallandsposten and Hallands Nyheter will award a prize to Hallandian of The Year. To receive the prize, the recipient must have done good publicity for Halland county and worked publicly for the county’s best. There are 6 nominees who were … Read more

Listen to Your Heart – 30 years ago it was #1 on Billboard

The Daily Roxette Time Machine: 30 years ago, Roxette hit #1 with "Listen To Your Heart" Where does the time go? 30 years ago today, Roxette climbed top the top of Billboard's Hot 100 for a second time. Read the full story...

Gyllene Tider – GT40 – PLECtionary update

It’s nice to update the PLECtionary each year, because that means there is a tour each year. This time it was Gyllene Tider’s farewell tour that provided us with some additional guitar picks. Per shared a picture of his new set of 7 GT40 plectrums mid June and then we could start working out our … Read more

Gyllene Tider

GT40 Live!

Gyllene Tider – GT40 LIVE! is out!

Gyllene Tider’s farewell tour is now out on all streaming platforms! Listen to it on Spotify, iTunes or Deezer! After a week delay vs. the originally planned date, GT40 LIVE! is released digitally and on CD on 1st November. We still have to wait a bit for the double LP (out on 22nd November), but … Read more

GT40 – Live! – the review

Here we go, the final(?) live album. Gyllene's fourth live album. Forty years and four live albums, not too bad. Read the full story...

Gyllene Tider – GT40 LIVE!

Gyllene Tider will release a live recording of their farewell tour on CD and double LP. The CD is out on 25th October, the LP is out a month later, on 29th November. Tracklist Skicka ett vykort, älskling Juni, juli, augusti Det hjärta som brinner (Hon vill ha) Puls Vandrar i ett sommarregn Flickan i … Read more

GT 40 for 40. #32 Vid hennes sida (By Her Side): In June 2019 Gyllene’s final album was released – “Samma skrot och korn.” This song is from there, a typical Per penned, acoustic love ballad, and then again not. Hard to put the finger on it, but we like it a lot. The lyrics contains gems such as “Every day is a totally different day.” Performed by MP and Per on the acoustic guitars with Fritte carefully fondling the Farfisa in the background. Anders is also there with his seriously complex programming. Her eyes smiled, I said I was from town/Maybe I bent the truth a little and acted a little dumb/But all I wanted was to walk by her side for a while… #gt40for40

Ahhh memories! (Gyllene Tider in Ronneby 2019) /K Are you always to be found in the first row or rather in the center of the crowd?

Such a wonderful song. And video. 1969 was on a roll! /P.

Wallace Collection – Daydream HQ (1969)


Such a wonderful song. And video. 1969 was on a roll! /P.

Latest from Per: “New tough Gyllene Tider compilation with hits and unreleased material in the can folks! PS. And the live album from this summer will be fab. A nice little band…”