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[The music stops for a small speech.]

Check: one, two.

Everyone, please listen. We need to talk. We do not tolerate hate on any of our sites or pages. Please listen to the end before you answer anything.

Our team and the topics we write about stand for fun. You know we’re more than sometimes quite critical, and still are we surprised of the behaviour of some of our readers. Tastes differ and that’s a good thing. Would be boring to jump all day shouting “Woohoo” only, that’s what we think. We can assure you that our team, consisting of members from six very different countries, is rarely of the same opinion when it comes to music preferences but we are united when we see that certain, always the same, people are trying to spoil the fun for the majority of our readers.

It is very okay to utter criticism. There is the freedom of speech. Yet, the freedom of speech ends exactly where insult begins. That’s the point when the person you talk about would feel bad and injured. That’s the point when you as a real person, not hiding behind your computer screen, would suddenly need courage to say these same words right in front of this person’s face on the open street when you meet them. When was the last time you told someone into their face that you hate them? When was the last time you did that to a person that doesn’t even know you? You see the point now.

We call it insult when you say that you hate someone. Why would you want to do that? To hurt that person? What for? To unleash your personal frustration? How would that help anyone, including you? To punish that person? What would you want to punish them for? For being assigned a certain role on stage, chosen by the artistic leader, Per? This is hilarious. Punish them because you feel they have replaced another team member? Even more ridiculous because this never happened.

The thing is, you can do what you want, Marie will not come back. She doesn’t even read here, nowhere on Facebook at all. The Roxette you know is over. Forever. We know, it’s hard but that is life. If you want to enjoy the Roxette the way you prefer it, you will have to resort to old recordings or, even better, the new Boxette now. If you feel that the band that is playing now has nothing to do with your Roxette anymore, then sadly your journey is ending here. Thanks for watching, enjoy the old times but the train moves on. No judging here. We do understand the reasons why you would want to leave the Roxette train, believe us. We know exactly how you feel, even though not all of us feel the same as you. Yet, life goes on, so do this tour and the music. Please let those of us who decide to travel the new path have the fun we are here for.

We heard you, we got your point but it’s pointless to continue your way. Please leave, for the sake of our readers, the artists, the TDR team and especially yourselves. If things get out of hand, we’ll eventually have to block those people we talk about here.

From what we can tell from having attended several concerts of this tour now, the audience is enjoying the new show to the fullest. Yes, some don’t and that’s okay. You can’t please everyone. But seeing people cheering and clapping hands makes you feel that the new show must be great for most of them. Comparing it to older Roxette shows would be wrong. It’s a different concept now. Read our reports, go and see the concerts, the vibes you will experience there will hopefully convince you.

Thank you for listening. Oh, and the buffet is open now. Have a drink or two. Dance! Enjoy the music!

[Music sets in again…]


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