“Sommar-Mazarin” ends with delight

STOCKHOLM – On Sunday, August 17th, “Sommar-Mazarin ’03” ended. Over 155,000 people have attended the three-week long tour and only one word can best describe it… success!

  What will Per do now? First he will will take a break to rest and try and write some new songs, and after that he will take his Mazarin to Helsinki and Oslo. “Then in September, we’ll have a meeting with Gyllene Tider to see what we will do next summer. I think the audience is hungry for more,” Per said to Aftonbladet. There is also time for a new single, even though the first one is still at #1 in Sweden… just like the album “Mazarin”, which has been #1 for eight consecutive weeks.

  “We don’t want to do a Greatest Hits tour. If we do go on tour, it must be the best we’ve ever done, and for that we need new material as well,” Per says.

  Anders Nunstedt of Expressen, however, thinks Per shouldn’t take Gyllene Tider out again. The thought makes him yawn. Nunstedt thinks Per should keep up his solo career that has started off so well… or take Gyllene on a stadium tour.

  Expressen reports the Mazarin-project has had a turnover of 80 million kronor ($10 million) so far. 12,000 people have attended the concerts, on average, which gives about 53 million, and that’s not even counting the souveniers. “Mazarin” has sold about 180,000 copies so far — triple platinum — and the single “Här kommer alla känslorna” has gone gold, having sold 15,000 copies.

  The Eskilstuna concert didn’t stray from the set list, the only thing different was that a couple of roadies dressed up as Helena banging cow bells and wandered around stage during “Jag tror du bär på en stor hemlighet”. Per didn’t see it, but the rest of the band almost fell apart laughing. Also a film crew was there and shot mainly audience footage.

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August 19th, 2003

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