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Friendz, hope all is well with yÂ’all this beautiful winterÂ’s day. Just thought youÂ’d like to know… next week the Son of a Plum will begin the European promotion, starting with TV in jolly Germany (Chartbreak-Hotel) where we will be doing Jo-Anna says for your eyes and ears.

Here’s some pictures from the video shoot… enjoy!      

So… yesterday was a big day in the adventurous life of the Son of a Plumber!

The contest! The winner! Anne from Mantorp, certainly a very nice person and a serious fan of drag racing (how can you NOT like a girl like that?)

On the Beat Revisited! Just came back from a sunny and very nice London and yet another visit to the record store where we shot the album cover.

New releases coming up. The first release will be released on iTunes only, and only in Scandinavia to begin with.

The new date for the European release of the album “Son of a Plumber” is March 27.

St ValentineÂ’s day, Feb 14 – 2006 Friends… letÂ’s celebrate this wonderful and important day with some new jolly music!

Well, whaddayaknow, DJ enters the official Swedish Top 40 chart at #12 as “newcomer of the week!”

Saturday Feb11, 2006… Stockholm calling… Howdy friends! Just came back from a very interesting couple of days in Italy and I felt like updating you a bit on whatÂ’s going on in my living room!

On public demand, here are some samples from the upcoming promotion single of “Hey Mr DJ.”

On Monday February 13 a 3-track promo of “Hey Mr DJ (Won’t you play another love song)” will be shipped to the radio stations.

“yea yea yea!, nobody’s perfect! i found this on a, believe it or not, worn-out old fashioned music-cassette with chewing gum on it!

Guys and dolls (to quote the Man); the new single is here soon – February 1.

– ”Oooops!, look what I found in the drawer!! I totally forgot about this one!

BAD HAIR DAY Under the banner “Bad hair day” will release interesting Per Gessle-related stuff like demos, outtakes, etc etc.

Everyone has bad hair days, even Per… This specific Bad Hair Day has resulted in a new, exciting project!

Ringtones available! Choose between Son Of A Plumber », Roxette », Per Gessle » and Gyllene Tider ».

A Fender Stratocaster signed by Per was auctioned off at a charity auction for “Adopt-A-Minefield”; the guitar was sold for $750 to a lucky Swede!

Hello World! Hope you’ve had a great xmas wherever you’ve been! Here are some brief news for y’all: The next single (in Sweden) from the Son of a Plumber album will be (no surprise here…) Hey mr DJ (won’t you play another love song).

Check out the interview with Per published on Christmaseve in HallandsPosten ».

Oh and by the way, the European release of Son of a Plumber is set for March 6.

Check out this exclusive interview with Per at the new site, by one of Per’s favorite columnists; Jan Gradvall.

Forgot to mention that Per appeared with an interview on SVT “Godmorgon Sverige” this morning.

Hello-a! Just a quick one to say merry xmas and an extremely happy new 2006 to yÂ’all reading, writing, commenting, discussing, puking-on/pouring-love-on the new sonofaplumber homesite.

Son of a Plumber performed “Jo-Anna Says” and “Drowning in Wonderful Thoughts About Her” on tonight’s Bingolotto on Swedish TV4.

Son of a Plumber has been nominated for a Grammis (the Swedish Grammy) – Best Male Pop Artist.

Good afternoon, just woke up after a few hours sleep. I needed that, we had an early rise this morning since The Son Of A Plum Unplugged Combo made itsÂ’ world premiere at Nyhetsmorgon, Swedish TV4.

Gosh! The album is still NUMBER ONE (for the second week) in the Swedish albumchart!!

Guys! Dolls! Just a quick update of whatÂ’s going on in the Plumbing World!

Son of a Plumber shoots straight into the #1 spot on the Swedish album chart today!

Oh yea! Awright! Over 4,000,000 times the jolly American radio stations have played “It must have been lunch”.