Silbersky: “Expressen’s apology not enough”

STOCKHOLM – Expressen has published today, [very small] on their front page, an apology for having written in an article in January that Marie Fredriksson is “fighting another lump that is believed to be another tumor” and that the doctors suspected that this [tumor] was only one of several additional tumors.

Expressen’s Editor in Chief, Otto Sjöberg, writes:

  “Sometimes we make mistakes. Expressen’s article published on January 31 about Marie Fredriksson’s illness was one of them.

  When two weeks after the publication Marie Fredriksson let us know that she had reacted with anger and consternation over the article, I thought I’d review the article again.

  I then decided that the article shouldn’t have been published. It contains, as Marie Fredriksson has pointed out, speculations and it was a mistake to publish them. And the responsibility is mine.

  I want, therefore, to apologize to Marie for having published the article and I regret having caused all this trouble to Marie.”

Otto Sjöberg

Editor-in-Chief and responsible for the publication.”

  Otto agrees that Expressen was refering to tests and test results that weren’t concluded yet.

  On the other hand, site “Journalisten” publishes that Marie’s lawyer, Leif Silbersky, claims that this apology is not enough and that “…Expressen shouldn’t think that they will get off this easily…”.

  Leif Silbersky, just arrived to Sturup airport in Malmö, hasn’t seen the apology yet. So when he gets the article explained to him he says immediately that it’s not enough. “We’ve gotten the ball rolling but only ever so slightly.” Silbersky says. He is surprised that Expressen has published the apology without discussing it first. He adds “We have received no official response to our demands. And it’s apparent that that this isn’t enough. If they think they will get away this easily they’re badly mistaken.”

  Silbersky is relieved that they have published an apology though, this means they’re admitting their guilt.

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February 24th, 2003

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