Roxette’s Brand New Video

The “Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?” video has just been revealed.

See clip below and let us know your thoughts.


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November 4th, 2016

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  • RoXoR

    Nicely done, even Marie and Per are part of it.
    Would have loved to see a recent pic of Marie but nevertheless nicely done.
    Are those two guys the two from the some other summer video?

  • Heartland

    I think it’s wonderful! Fans all over the world bringing the flowers! Beautiful!

  • silviabräutigam

    Da fehlt noch etwas auf das Video von Marie Fredriksson und Per Gessel sind ganz wenig drauf ,ich möchte so gern das nur die beiden ein Video drauf sind Marie Fredriksson und Per Gessel…

  • silviabräutigam

    Since there is still something missing on the video of Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessel are very little on it, I would like so much the only two video on it are Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessel …

  • Tridy

    Wouldn’t it be an interesting idea to release “Greatest Remix Hits” at this point. I mean it in a positive way.

  • Daniela

    Unfortunately Why don’t you bring me flowers is not available at our local record store. Even the people there said that this is a sad development in the music industry. I’m longing back to the good old days when you could easily find and buy everything you wanted. They told me I could buy the album instead, but that’s no alternative since I have bought it already and since I am mainly interested into it in order to listen to the sing sing version of From a Distance to find out if it is better than the album version… I think it would be an interesting idea to release an album only with a collection of the single versions and B-sides since their comeback 2011 on it, of course including Speak to me and The sweet hello, the sad good-bye. The video for Why don’t you bring me flowers is okay, of course a little bit more of Marie and Per in it would have been nice, but I guess it has its reason that this is not the case. So we have to enjoy it as it is.

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