Roxette wows Buenos Aires once again

BUENOS AIRES — If one needed further convincing that Roxette is back and up to the challenge of a world tour, tonight’s performance at Luna Park, before another sell-out crowd of 8,000, should be proof positive. It marked the third concert on the South American leg of the Charm School tour and once again the instant reviews from everyone The Daily Roxette spoke with during and directly after the concert were extremely positive.

The security detail at the front of the stage had to again, just like last night, lift six girls suffering from heat exhaustion out from the mass of fans crowded at the front of the stage and carry them through the pit to receive medical attention.

Luna Park’s video crew did a really professional job of covering the action on stage, with live switching between three cameras displayed on the four large built-in video screens (two on each side).

When Per went offstage to leave Marie alone onstage to sing “Perfect Day,” she was almost flawless, with such spot-on pitch on the end note to cause one couple near where this reporter was standing at the time to turn to each other and exclaim “Wow!”

During the audience participation segment at the beginning of “It Must Have Been Love,” even the ever-present strolling Coca-Cola vendors stopped in their tracks to sing along… it’s that hard to resist. Coke is a major sponsor of Luna Park.

The appearance of “Stars” on the set list last night seems to have been a trial run that wasn’t entirely successful, as it’s position tonight was replaced by “Silver Blue.”

“How Do You Do” re-energized the crowd and about half of those with seats stood up to sing along… continuing to do for the next as there is an immediate transistion to “Dangerous.”

During this evening’s presentation of the band, Christoffer Lundquist played “Mi Buenos Aires Querido,” a song he first heard only a few days ago when he recorded some Argentinian fans singing the tune with his iPhone. Again, like last night’s “La Cumparsita,” it’s a tango, but one more closely identified with this city. When those fans met up with Christoffer at last night’s After School Party, they asked him why he hadn’t played it. He explained that it was quite difficult to learn, but that he would try to play it tonight… and he was succesful.

Now, outside the venue immediately after the concert, two guys have taken their t-shirts off to wring the sweat out of them. Many others copy the same idea, as the venue was again extremely hot and stuffy and even a moderate amount of jumping up and down worked up a sweat. Some decide to purchase a new shirt, as there is a plethora of “unofficial” merchandise for sale on the street… everything from t-shirts (an amazing variety) to posters to bumper stickers.

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April 6th, 2011

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