Roxette Some Other Summer

Roxette + summer + new single = Some Other Summer

Earlier this month Roxette reclaimed the world’s airwaves and music charts with the release of their tenth album ”Good Karma” and the first single ”It Just Happens”. Now it’s time for their new single ”Some Other Summer” to bring a smile upon everyone’s faces.

The Swedish super duo has spoiled their global ”Roxer” fans and millions of radio listeners with highly seducing and infectious pop melodies since their debut with the summer single ”Neverending Love” almost to the day 30 years ago—and ”Some Other Summer” most certainly promises to continue that tradition.


One listen and you’re stuck with the song. And while the chorus spins in the back of your mind, wait for images of soft nights, hot beaches and lazy days to pass you by. It’s the classic sound of summer, plain and simple.


But for Per Gessle the song is not a result of classic song-writing. Instead, ”Some Other Summer” forced him to completely rethink his writing skills and try something new.


– As a songwriter I’m totally influenced by the 60’s pop tradition where a song consists of different parts like verse, bridge and chorus—with different chords in the different parts. But with today’s pop writing style it’s more common to use the same chords throughout the song, and instead just change the melody as you go along.


– I took it as a fun challenge to see if I could write a song with the same four chords repeated over and over, and still make it interesting. And the result was ”Some Other Summer”, which incidentally set the tone for the whole album since it was the first song we recorded for “Good Karma”. Not bad for a rookie, Per Gessle smiles.


”Some Other Summer” will also be released in four remix versions by Didrick, Alexander Brown, Patrick Jordan & TRXD. Since its release on June 3, the ”Good Karma” album has been Top 10 in seven countries.



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June 24th, 2016

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  • Ettexor

    Great song. I have one question: the chorus of this song is sung by marie or per?

    • Galadriel

      I believe it’s sung by both at the same time, that’s what it sounds to me…

  • Nuno Simões

    Even though it’s not my favourite Roxette tune on the album, I can understand the excitement people have about it … the one thing in this whole recording that strikes me if the instrumental section and that echoing vocal that reminded immediately of Vulnerable and maybe a bit of Salvation too, whose video bits are included on this lyric video strangely enough … summer time I guess! I still prefer the blast that “Good Karma” is and the serenity and dreamy vibes of “From A Distance”.

  • Chris

    I’m not really into remixes but the SOS remixes are pretty good! They capture a perfect summer feeling.
    I also like that the video is not only a “lyric video”. Those tiny pieces of pictures and scenes from old roxette “summer” videos fit perfectly. It is very close to an official video (and I don’t think we will get one this time!).

  • Rodger

    Some other album
    Some other album
    You will do better
    The autotune will never make you strong

    No boring ballads
    More crashing guitars
    Just like in 90s. Better, better, better!

    • Wicf

      Well, since it is not very likely that there will ever be another Roxette album I can give you one piece of advice – forget GK and just listen to Joyide or CBB. I, on the other hand, will be listening to “boring” April Clouds, From A Distance, or cheesy autotuned 20 BPM. And while listening, I will be telling to myself how great it is to listen to a band that manages not to repeat itself and come with something different, even after 30 years.

      • Rodger

        I’ll agree if there wasn’t Room Service album. A perfect piece of modern-sounding Roxette even in 2016. Cool mix of electronic and guitars, powerful and interesting songs. Good carma… I got slightly surprised when couldn’t recognize a single word from Marie in Good Carma 1st verse because of effects. And when she suddenly starts with clear voice in “From a distance” I feel like fog blown away and sun suddenly shines. Great song, btw.
        So funny that Per claimed in interview about “no fillers” in album. Was disappointed when got bored with “You make it sound so simple” and “You Can’t Do This to Me Anymore”. “April Clouds” as a remake of “I wish you the best” looks like Per became too uninterested to write a couple more hits for the last Roxette album.
        There ARE good songs in GK. But album is very weak.

        • Wicf

          Well, it is always subjective, so Per has every right to claim that there are no fillers, because he feels it that way 🙂 I personally can count at least four fillers on Room Service and the only filler-like song on GK is “This One” (the chorus is somehow weak). “You Cant Do This…” is my favourite song on that album
          And actually, the melodies of AC and Wish You The Best are quite different from each other as well as a large percentage of the lyrics. I don’t believe it’s fair to call April Clouds a remake song.

        • RobS

          There are apparently a few extra songs that were recorded IIRC. They might see the light of day at some stage. They clearly felt that AC was the strongest of the bunch, or one of the few ballads left that could fit as an album closer. I don’t think the remake is the issue – there’s plenty of PG songs (and PG demo’s) i’d love to see as Rox songs, he is the writer of 99% of the songs anyway. And as Wicf said, it’s different enough to be seen as it’s own song.

          I think the bigger issue with AC is that it possibly could have been a little more produced. Almost seems out of place compared to the rest of the album. Love the middle8 though.

        • Tridy

          I would not be surprised if the next song coming from Per would be done in the same 4-chords-style, since that what makes the sound to be more fresh and modern to many people, a more intense, if you wish. I, myself, like the song and I hoped that Drums version would popup in the list of the remixes on the single as well, just to have them in one place. Probably Drums version was not considered a remix but rather his work with Rox vocals.

          It is sort of hard to define what a filler is. It gets as close as possible to whether one likes the songs on the album or not.

          I see GK as a quite nicely formed album.
          The only thing I personally don’t like much on the album is when Marie’s vocals go into almost acoustic mode, for example “Why don’t you bring me flowers?” and “April Clouds” (I know there will be stones thrown at me now :). I like studio albums filled with instruments and melodies that share like 50% of attention and 50% do the vocals. On these two songs the vocals stand so much out, it sounds more like a live/acoustic version. Some people do like it though, I understand. So, I like albums to be a well produced studio work. For example, a non-super hit, a slower song with vocals blending perfectly into instruments is “Go To Sleep”. At the same time some songs are like “locked” with very little things that could be added to them, because they are like that. For example “Se Me”, of which even Travelling version puts almost a transparent layer on that, but this version does sound more rich that way.

          So, filler this, filler that. How about “Come Back [Before You Leave]” on Tourism? Would one call a previously released B-Side appearing on the album a filler?

        • s1974x

          I’m glad I’m not the only one who can’t understand the lyrics in the song Good Karma. Too many of these songs are too overly produced. In a way I feel like a jerk criticizing GK considering the band’s 30 years old now and it’s amazing Marie survived her cancer, but I’ve gotta say I m not digging this album. I still like it more than HAND and Room Service, but there are only11 tracks, the tracks are short, and the vocals are ruined with auto tune on several tracks. The album is definitely professional and quality work and better than the dreck I have the misfortune of hearing when iaccidently listen to the radio, but…

  • Tridy

    I am glad people learning about the fakes and here is one SOS “promo” CDR on eBay that has been sitting for some time now without bids:


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