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Daniel Zimmerman, the administrator of services, reporte a couple of weeks ago that might face its end due to financial constraints. In his new message to the Roxette Mailing List, he says:

  "It's going to cost around $100 a month just to pay for server space and bandwidth to keep the web hosting operation running." He also says that only having the mailing list at and shutting down all other services would be easier and cheaper for now, but probably not for long.

  To be able to have in the future, Dan has arranged two different mechanisms for donating money to

Dan provides further detail about the two different payment mechanisms: "The reason for the two is that PayPal charges an 'account fee' for international users, and I didn't want that to be the only way for people to be able to contribute. Both Amazon and PayPal charge me a service fee as a percentage of anything you donate, but it's a lot more reasonable than setting up my own mechanism to take credit cards. I'd prefer PayPal donations from those of you in the U.S., as the payment fees charged by PayPal are less than those charged by Amazon; however, I understand that many people may be more comfortable with Amazon. The bottom line is, anything will be welcome and greatly appreciated."

  And continues: "If you host a website on, you should very seriously consider making a donation. If even half of the people who host sites on donated $10.00 per year (or $1.50 per month - unfortunately, the transaction fees really take a lot out of small payments), we would easily have enough money to keep running for the forseeable future. I would prefer not to make donations mandatory for website hosting, but I may be forced to do so if there is not enough response (and soon)."

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Visa Kopu

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October 15th, 2002

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