Roxette lullabies for the future fans

“Songs for Nurseries, Toy Rooms & other Sweet Places”

Today, Australian boutique music company, Bamm Bamm Wolfgang, have released an exclusive collection of classic Roxette songs, reimagined as lullaby instrumentals for the next generation of magic friends.  Baby Roxers – The Lullaby Hits! (Vol.1) promises to “Rox you like a baby!”.

Join the Baby Roxers, Baby Jane and Baby Cooper (the animated artists and babes behind the music), on a melodic journey across three decades of Roxette. Serenade your little one with a starry twist on hits like “Listen to Your Heart” and “The Look” and other fan favorites, including “Silver Blue” and “Stars”.

The ultimate gift for Roxette aficionados, this lovingly crafted 12-track compilation appeals to little ears with mesmerizing melodies and dreamy instrumentals, making The Lullaby Hits (Vol.1) the essential soundtrack for a “Perfect Day” until it is time to “Go to Sleep”.

 Adam Alexander, Creative Director of Bamm Bamm Wolfgang comments:

“This is a passion project for me. I’m a Daddy and have been an avid Roxette fan since the early ‘90s. While I adore traditional lullabies, it’s my hope that this record can be something a little more personal for Roxette fans, who are now becoming parents, grandparents, aunties and uncles – to add to their repertoire and share with their little ones.  A musical inheritance, if you like!”. 

To accompany the release, Bamm Bamm Wolfgang have collaborated with Director Robertino Zambrano to produce a sensory music video starring Baby Jane and Baby Cooper, capturing the adventurous and imaginative spirit of the album.

 Baby Roxers – The Lullaby Hits! (Vol.1) is available now as album download from digital stores such as Apple and Google.

 A limited-edition CD in 500 copies is available via the official Roxette website.

Track list:

1.    The Look
2.    Stars
3.    Sleeping In My Car
4.    Listen To Your Heart
5.    Almost Unreal
6.    Spending My Time
7.    Silver Blue
8.    How Do You Do!
9.    Good Karma
10.  First Girl On The Moon
11.  Perfect Day
12.  Go To Sleep

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Instagram: Instagram/babyroxers

The Daily Roxette will be back with a review and an interview shortly.

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December 14th, 2016

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  • URCogProf

    The funniest part of all this is the fact this is only “Volume 1”! Love that “Good Karma” is on here – both my kids adore this song (in its original, non-lullaby form (-; ).

  • Tridy

    An interesting idea but 159 is way overpriced, for a “cover compilation” in my opinion. Good Karma cost 149 when it was released, for instance.
    If it were done with an orchestra, it would be one thing, but here everything is syntesized. The whole thing could be done by 1 person. “500 copies limited edition” well, well.

  • Ettexor

    good idea

  • Rodger

    Suddenly good quality chillout music. Lullabies for all-age roxers))

  • `