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TALLINN – November 23, 2014 was a very special day for all Estonian Roxette fans. It was the day there was a Roxette concert in Tallinn. And what a truly wonderful and magical night it was…!

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We will definitely remember it for the rest of our lives. I have been a Roxette, and especially Marie fan, for the last 17 years and have traveled to see them in quite a lot of countries. But the most special concerts for me have always been the ones in my own hometown. So it was such a dream come true for me to have a chance once again to see them in Tallinn. My husband and I arrived to the concert hall about two hours before opening of the doors. It was very cold outside and there was some snow, but there were already quite lots of people waiting at the entrance. The atmosphere was fun and friendly, we were singing lots of Roxette songs. At first many people didn’t join in – I was a bit modest too – , but a bit before the doors were opened, more and more singers joined and it was really great! The support act was a Finnish band Costello Hautamäki and they gave us some nice Finnish rock music that was greeted well. Although of course everybody was keenly waiting for Roxette to arrive! And when they finally did, the audience woke up in a second, everyone was cheering and screaming and applauding. No wonder, because the whole concert was absolutely amazing!

What I loved best was to see how much they all enjoyed it. Everyone in the band seemed to be in a very good mood, smiling a lot and communicating with the fans. I especially noticed and loved that about Marie, she absolutely radiated warmth and happiness. She gave wonderful glances, smiles and little waves to fans all through the concert and that I’m sure touched the hearts very deeply of all Roxette fans. It surely touched mine… It was such a joy to see her this way, enjoying every second of being there on stage. It was so truly the same Marie who I fell in love with exactly 13 years ago – during the Room Service tour, their first concert in Tallinn. It was a full set-list, songs we all know and love so much. During “Dressed for Success” there was a tiny technical problem with Per’s guitar; he had the capo wrong so the guitar was tuned in the wrong key, but it was solved quickly and everything progressed smoothly afterwards. The band was really really in the very best shape! “Perfect Day” was hauntingly beautiful and Marie’s voice so full of emotions that it almost brought tears into my eyes. “7Twenty7” was just a perfect song to dance and go crazy to and the duet between Marie and Dea in “Watercolours in the Rain” was so wonderful, dreamy and tender. Oh, and there were lots of balloons floating around during “Joyride,” thrown by fans. Per himself threw quite many guitar picks, in the end he said he was running out of them.

ketlin3As a local song Christoffer played “Kungla rahvas,” which is a very popular folk song in Estonia. People recognized it immediately and there was a massive cheering and applause. Chris is a true genius, it was amazing how cool this old song sounded played by him. “Queen of Rain” was equally fantastic, but it was also a little bit sad, as it was the last song and it was so hard to say goodbye to them. I wished this evening could have lasted forever. But at least the tour goes on and hopefully everyone has a chance to see them soon again. Thank you, Roxette, so much for this absolutely magical evening and see you soon! Estonian fans love you very dearly and wait you back any day, any time.


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November 24th, 2014

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