Roxette in Rostov-on-Don

ROSTOV-ON-DON November 14 there was a Roxette concert here in Rostov-on-Don! For me personally it was a great event; Rostov – my hometown!! I have waited for Roxette for 20 years!

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The concert was held in a small hall, with seating, which made me very upset. The concert was delayed for 40 minutes, the hall was almost full. Once Roxette emerged, the audience immediately became active, many people got up from their seats. Per, Marie and all the musicians were in high spirits, there was a feeling of home comfort!

The stage was small and used different scenery instead of the standard one but that didn’t hurt.
The energy of the musicians was just awesome! On the third song, it became clear that the hall was very hot: Per was already wet. Marie wanted to remove his jacket, but apparently it was difficult somehow.

Marie had a very strong penetration, bringing up all the euphoria in the awesome song “Watercolours in the Rain.” It was a very penetrating performance, this is a version I like very much.

Before “Joyride” Christoffer played the song “Darkie” (popular song from an old Soviet military film) and the audience was ecstatic! Unforgettable! By the end of the concert we were all wet. Euphoria hovered in the hall.
Even though “Perfect Day” & “Queen of Rain” were left out again, the concert was still very dynamic, fun and unifying.

Thank you very much for such a gift Roxette!


Marie was on fire.


Really on fire!


Per was glowing too.


Even Pelle was on time.

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November 16th, 2014

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