Roxette in Portugal: pure fun on “Herman SIC”

LISBON – Popular Saturday night talk show “Herman SIC” welcomed Roxette yesterday, who had come here to promote “Room Service”. The show was awesome, with Per and Marie performing “The Centre of the Heart” while the studio audience clapped along to the beat of the song! Both seemed to be in a happy mood and Marie in particular just rocked.

  The host of the show, Herman Jose, who had welcomed Roxette six years ago when they were promoting DBUGTTC-GH, was very friendly and invited them to take part in the rest of the show seated next to the other guests. This was unusual, as most English-speaking artists just perform and that’s it.

  Herman complimented Roxette on the new album, which he said was great. Per was asked if he could give his old Ferrari motor (that he is going to give way) to one of the other guests that had built a helicopter… but it seemed that this helicopter needed a Porsch motor instead of a Ferrari. A nice try, and everyone had a big laugh! When the host received a joke “present” from an audience member – a huge rubber penis – he asked Marie and Per whether they had such kind of shows in Sweden, so free and with such “objects”! Per replied, “Only on Wednesdays!”

  It was a very funny show, and while Per and Marie might have felt a bit lost since everyone was speaking Portuguese, they appeared to “hang in” the entire time.

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June 17th, 2001

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