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PERTH – one of the most isolated cities in the world. You can fly to another country faster than flying from the east coast to Perth, but Roxette have always visited here when they have toured Australia. Even when Perth was between arenas and they had to play a smaller and not so great venue in 2012, they still came. Perth has often missed out on great bands but never have we missed out on Roxette. Hats off for that.

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My first Roxette concert was in 1991, the Joyride tour at the Perth Entertainment centre with my then three year old son. Then again in 1995 for the Crash! Boom! Bang! tour with my son, now seven, my other son, then five, and my mother. Fast forward to 2012, we traveled to Sydney by train and yes this country is big and it takes four days/three nights on a train to get to Sydney, (sitting the whole way) and the same back, but it was well and truly worth it to see the two concerts in Sydney and then back to Perth to see two more with twelve family members. Fast forward again to 2015 and here are we are in an awesome new arena to see our Roxette again. My son, who was three at his first concert, now 27, and his girl-friend joined me, my two daughters, and my husband to have an awesome Roxette time. (My 74 year mum was supposed to join us but health prevented her sadly)

The arena wasn’t sold out but not a huge amount of empty seats were left from what I could see.

kathie38:30pm came and we were all ready and eagerly waiting. Not too long after darkness came upon us and we could make out Per, Marie and the band entering the stage. It was like seeing them without really seeing them and the audience began screaming in anticipation. And Roxette are go!! Wow were they looking good! Marie in classy white and Per in his awesome silver jacket. The stage was looking pretty good too. Being front row for the first time was awesome, seeing all the colors and the stage production that close was spectacular. The opener, “Sleeping in my Car” was really well received by the audience. Next up was “The Big L” which was loads of fun, followed by “Stars.” The audience joined in for “Spending My Time.” Then one of my favorites, “Crash! Boom! Bang!;” Per starting the singing in this song is truly golden. Per certainly has a voice and we love it! Marie also sang it brilliantly. Then came the moment when Dea helped Marie and that’s when the crowd added its support. Dea took Marie by the hand for the remainder of the song and that is what is known as comradery. This resulted in a standing ovation at the end of the song. A chair was brought out for Marie but that was no problem; Marie stands tall whether she is sitting or standing and her voice has as much power as she does. From my vantage point, this endeared Marie to the crowd even more.

“Crush on You” is a fun, energetic addition. I was dancing and I’m sure others were too. The crowd was on its feet. It was awesome when it went dark and quiet during this song for ten seconds or so, listening to the crowd scream and whistle, then back on with Marie’s powerful voice and what a voice it is.

Hands up and clapping for “She’s Got Nothing On.” Per’s famous left leg was up and dancing as usual too, gotta love that. I also love it when this “Some Other Dude” takes the lead. I’m a fan of Per’s voice that’s for sure. Per just makes me smile, his voice is the sunshine in our days.

kathie2Next up “The Heart Shaped Sea,” as lovely as ever. Then it was time for just Marie and Dea on stage for “Watercolours in the Rain” and “Paint.” Before the song started you could hear someone call out “We love you”, to which Marie replied…”We love you too,” prompting a roar of cheers. Gorgeous harmonies between Marie and Dea.

Fading Like a Flower

Next came a pleasant surprise with “Fading Like a Flower” added to the set list; extremely popular in Australia! Someone I spoke with before the show said that was the song they were most looking forward to hearing and I’m sure thousands of others were thinking the same. So when it was played it was received with joy.

“How Do You Do!” is always fun. Followed by the song so many were looking forward to…”It Must Have Been Love.” Also a massive hit in Australia. No longer do lighters get raised for this song, but phones, phones everywhere. A big wonderful sing-a-long. Followed by “Dressed for Success,” “Dangerous,” the regular band introductions and the ever popular “Joyride.”

The band left the stage and the crowd screamed for more. Back out again and we get to hear “Almost Unreal,” followed by the immensely popular “Listen to Your Heart” a sing-a-long moment if there ever was one. The concert closed with ‘The Look’… that song is always a winner with the band energetic and fun. As usual Christoffer is a ball of energy during this song. Remember back in the day when the band would line up during one of the guitar parts of the song…. well awesomely enough, they lined up with Marie, who was still sitting, still not a problem, that was a fantastic moment. Certainly put a smile on my dial. Marie raises her arm in triumph and so she should. Marie looked so happy as she stood up to bow. Per was smiling, the band was happy and Perth was delighted. “Queen of Rain” was left out and the Professor’s “local song” was once again “Waltzing Matilda” which blew the roof off the arena.

As for us, next stop Sydney Opera House followed by the Qantas Credit Union Arena. Our family’s first flight.

If you were to look up – ‘How to play live?’ in a music manual, it would have a picture of Roxette and the instructions: ’Go see Roxette Live”.

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February 15th, 2015

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