Roxette in Novosibirsk

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NOVOSIBIRSK – I haven’t been to many Roxette concerts; this was the 5th one for me, and I think the most intimate one. I was a bit disappointed to know that at the last moment it was moved from Novosibirsk ExpoCenter, modern and big arena, to an old Soviet-era club Otdyh but it turned out to be even better: the stage was really low and close to the front row and the sound was pretty good (at least it was better than in any of ice palaces I’ve been to before).

A warm club atmosphere with drunk fat women behind me. Haha! I can’t say the show was outstanding but it was really good. The thing that made me a bit sad was that Marie looked very tired. Being so close to the stage made it possible to read in her eyes a desire to have some rest after the show. But she’s a professional and with her smile on she was doing her best. Per was enjoying himself as he usually does on stage and I’ve got nothing new to tell about him. It seemed that this stage was a bit too small for his ambitions. This is Per and we all love him as he is.
Two of the songs – “Perfect Day” and one of my all-time favorites – “Queen of Rain” were skipped. After “The Look” they just bowed and left.

It’s a pity. Really a pity but I’m happy they’ve visited us again as they promised in 2011. Probably not the last time.

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November 6th, 2014

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