Roxette in Moscow – A night of memories

MOSCOW – The first time I saw Roxette live was November 7, 2001 – the concert in Moscow during their Room Service tour. I remember only bits and pieces of that show but some of them, especially what I had felt and thought, I remember very well. I still remember Marie running and jumping on the stage.

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And today I realized how valuable these memories are.

The band entered the stage shortly after 8pm in front of sold out Crocus City Hall in Moscow (or Krasnogorsk or even Khimki like it was stated on Roxette Official Facebook page actually, whatever..), and my heart started to beat harder.

Roxette played the, now usual, set of 20 songs including “Perfect Day” and “Queen of Rain.” Was this set full? I would say that since Halmstad 2010 no Roxette set list would seem complete to me without “Juni, juli, augusti,” “Sommartider” and När alla vännerna gått hem” if you catch my drift…

Despite the show being sold out there was some free space on the dance floor which allowed fans to move freely, dance, jump with hands up not disturbing anyone. And I did. And enjoyed.

Per made this show enjoying himself and his performance. He was full of drive and romped for both. Incredible. During a small after-party we’ve re-watched GT 2013 live DVD, and I can say that, to my big surprise, today in Moscow he was at least as active as he was performing with Gyllene Tider (if not even more.) Fantastic man, my hat’s off.

Marie’s voice was as strong as always, and maybe even stronger than 25 years ago. The best song to me, without any doubt – “The Heart Shaped Sea.” The worst – …no, I won’t tell you. And this time I liked merchandise very much. I even bought a T-Shirt!

The security guys were impossibly stupid and uncomprehending. Organization of entrance – less than average, lots of queues everywhere. Beverages and snacks were extremely expensive, but who cares.

Anyway anyhow, the show was terrific, and, as you may know, the last one in Russia – for now.

Just before the show I met Pelle smoking near the service entrance. To my question “which city of Russia impressed him the most,” he said that it was Krasnoyarsk. I’ve never been there. Russia is enormously big, and one can spend a whole lifetime to discover it. At the same time it was some kind of heroism for Roxette to tour over Russia for more than a month due to many-many reasons, starting from clapped-out roads, the Ukraine crisis, honestly horrible Soviet-era service, Russian-only-everywhere, and finishing with piercing cold weather in late fall.

Nevertheless, people living here value and know the ropes in art. And Roxette is the masterpiece. Masterpiece of Gessle art. Thank you for the chance to touch and hear the beauty today.

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November 22nd, 2014

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