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BAD KISSINGEN – Dear fellow Roxette fans, today while trying to escape the heat, I thought a lot about what to write in this review about Roxette’s visit to Bad Kissingen. And believe me, it wasn’t easy to find the right words.

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Sure enough the whole band did a fantastic performance, everything was very professional. But that is what pretty much any concert with these guys looks like and that is what “professional” journalists would write about. No, I wanted to write something personal. Something that does these people justice.

These artists are very in-tune with each other and the enthusiasm for the songs, the music is infectious. Roxette not only have a passion for their job, they are friends and they deeply care for their audience and for each other.

bk_2This is, I guess, at least partially why we all love Roxette so much. And while many reviews out there focus on a fragile Marie and how this probably is their last tour, I can only tell you this: the strength, the passion and the love is stronger than ever before.

Before I come to all the emotions this concert created in me, I’d like to quickly introduce myself and the venue.

I am Inga, 34 years old with a PhD in Geomicrobiology and I have been a Roxette fan for over 20 years. Throughout my life, Per and Marie’s music has been a constant presence, offering support, comfort and motivation. My whole family loves them and Sweden has ever since been a place for holidays, language courses, internships and of course concerts. Bad Kissingen was the first Roxette Open-Air in Germany for us. The town is well-known for its spas and had famous visitors before such as Sisi and the German Emperor. World acts like Roxette however have not often found their way to this rather small picturesque town in Lower Franconia.

The venue was nicely picked within one of the many Parks close to the river Saale. Since it was very, very hot we stayed in the shades for as long as possible, drinking as much as possible. The atmosphere was good and very positive and it was interesting to see how many different generations found their way to this concert.

Eskobar was a very well chosen supporting act. Solid, fun pop and rock songs with a modern touch. It seemed that the band was a bit surprised by the hot weather. I certainly did not envy the lead singer for his long sleeved shirt and tight pants.

At around 9 pm it was time for the main attraction. It was a very emotional moment when they led Marie onto the stage dressed in a lovely white combo. The band started right away with “Sleeping in My Car” and Marie as usual was the center of the party. Per and Christopher rocked the stage and I am still amazed by the power everyone on stage transmitted throughout the concert. It was nice to see how everyone around us seemed to have very personal memories connected with each of the songs played. I am sure some folks had quite specific memories for sleeping in cars…

Three up-tempo songs later and the crowd was on fire, both because of the songs and the heat. I have to say that “Stars” never was one of my favorites but as a live version it was pretty good. Then came one of my personal emotional highlights. “Spending My Time. To me this is not only a song about an unhappy relationship, it has a deeper meaning. It was the favorite song of a close friend of mine who always seemed to be unhappy in love. She took her life a few years ago and whenever I hear that song I think of her. So I sang along as loud as I could.

With “Crush on You” and “She’s Got Nothing on (But the Radio” we were back in a lighter mood singing, dancing laughing. Everyone around me had a blast and I am still amazed that we were still standing upright afterwards. After these songs they changed a few things on the stage and Marie together with the lovely background singer Dea performed “Watercolors in the Rain” and “Paint.” It was a wonderful moment with so much power it took my breath away.  What a voice, what a personality! It was followed by “Fading Like a Flower” with everyone back on stage. Whenever I hear that song I think back to my language course in 1999. Still half a child I was spending three weeks in Stockholm. So, among other things, I visited some of the venues in the video. Stadshuset (City Hall) with the golden room and the impressive tower along with Gamla Stan. Good memories!

bk_1Then, before too long it was time for my all time favorite power pop song “Joyride.” It was the song that made me a Roxette fan. I simply love that song. It has everything I love about Roxette. The power and the fun! Afterwards I was really in need of some water and a little break. Thankfully that was when the band left the stage before the grand finale. When they came back we were all ready for the last two songs. “The Look” and “Listen to Your Heart.” While I really love “The Look,” my favorite of these two songs surely is “Listen to Your Heart.” It was always the Roxette song that gave me the most positive feelings even though the text and story behind the song are quite sad. Many times it gave me strength and it still does.

When the band finally left the stage, it made me see again why I love these two so much. They are human.

Tack för att ni finns!

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July 5th, 2015

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