Relaxed Per on “Ola 21:trettio”

STOCKHOLM - It was a relaxed Per Gessle who visited the second to last episode of the TV show "Ola 21:30" the other day. He had just gotten back from France. They joked around and blind tested Leif's Lounge's "own" beer Leif's Lager (which in reality is Krönlein's Three Hearts Lager) with two other brands. "Do I make my own beer?" Per decided incorrectly that Carlsberg was the correct one, and judged Leif's Lager "Ewww, I sure hope this isn't the one…"

 When asked, Per claimed he tries to be a good father. Per is not afraid of dropping Gabriel "He's six you know" Per joked. He also said that his own father maybe wouldn't have liked him to become a musician. Per's father, Kurt Gessle, died in 1978, the same day Expressen published the first article ever about Gyllene Tider. "My mom recently told me that dad would probably have freaked out if he had known I had become a musician."

 They also played a little game. Ola asked Per what this was: "Now (pause) now (pause) now," every four seconds. It didn't take long before Per knew what it was about. When the "Joyride" album was hot, a copy of it was sold every four seconds. "But how did you know that," an amazed Per asked the host. "I told you, I know things," Ola answered mysteriously.

  Per also took a few questions from the 10-12 people small audience. Among the questions was "Will you do a digital concert on the net, like David Bowie, now that you've finished touring"? Per's answer was no, he wants to continue touring.

  At the time of the show's taping the stabbing (and later, murder) of Sweden's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anna Lindh, hadn't yet occured so this was not discussed in the show.

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September 12th, 2003

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