Pretty Woman 25 years old

Who would have thought that a movie originally called $3000 with has-been Richard Gere and would-possibly-never-be Julia Roberts would be remembered 25 years later?

Well it is! Today it’s 25 years ago the movie known as Pretty Woman opened. And with Roxette’s single “It Must Have Been Love” in it. To celebrate it Roxette will release a 25th anniversary limited edition 7″ single in red vinyl May 6. (It was previously announced as 10″.) The single includes the movie version, the original X-mas version from 1987 and the LA version recorded in… LA, 1992, this time without the live intro. But the songs are already available on iTunes and Spotify so enjoy.

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Thomas Evensson

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March 23rd, 2015

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  • RobS

    Nice. Always wanted to hear the Tourism version without the crowd. For some reason I always thought the piano intro was part of the new version but it seems it was actually the end of the live one…mind blown!

    • I actually thought the same.

    • Bellenger1981 .

      Listen closely. The piano intro was simply cut off for this so-called stand-a-lone “L.A. Studio Version 1992”. On the digital version of the “L.A. Version 1992”, released as part of the 25th anniversary, one can simply hear that it is an edit of the original full-length mix on “Tourism”. This 25th anniversary “L.A. Version 1992” starts with the harmonica, not the piano (which is mixed with the crowd cheering from the live performance). One can still hear the bass part fade out from the piano intro where the harmonica intro starts. Simply put, I believe that the piano intro is, in fact, part of the original “L.A. Version 1992”. Why wouldn’t it be? The piano intro still has that country feel as heard in the rest of the “L.A. Version 1992”. I imagine that it was simply easier to edit starting at the harmonica instead of sourcing an original unmixed version (if one even exists) of the “L.A. Version 1992”. With that said, it’s a shame that we couldn’t have received an unmixed full studio “L.A. Version 1992” with the piano intro (and no live/crowed mix on top of it). The piano intro is essential to the song, in my opinion.

      • RobS

        I was actually thinking the same shortly after reading Thomas’ post. It seems they may have taken the easy way out. Quite unfortunate as the piano intro is quite nice. Although at least the song is available now without having to listen to the live intro. As nice as it is sometimes you just want the studio version.

      • Fabio

        I’ve always thought the piano intro was part of the version recorded in the US. It has nothing to do with the live version from Santiago. I guess the unmixed version is gatering dust at former EMI’s vaults, but it’s clear they went the easiest way and just chopped the whole thing. I could do it myself… The did the same with “The Heart Shaped Sea” in The Roxbox. The Tourism version has the intro mixed with the last seconds of the live take of “The Look”. Instead of looking for an unmixed version, they just added a fade-in, in order to remove the sound of the crowd. Lazy people…

        • Bellenger1981 .

          Exactly! I cut the “L.A. Version” the same way that it has been edited for this 25th anniversary many years ago in order to have my own stand-a-lone version. Of course, I’ve always missed that piano intro. Indeed. I remember the cut fade-in of “The Heart Shaped Sea” from “The RoxBox” as well. Shame.

  • Ettexor

    happy B. Day IMHBL !

  • Ettexor

    last night on rai 1 (Italy channel), was on air pretty woman and had 4.100.000 of odiens!

  • Fabio

    Is it going to be released as a 7″ or a 10″? Stores like Ginza, CDON and Bengans still list it as a 10″. It’s confusing.

  • s1974x

    The Tourism versions were always my least favorite versions of this song by far. The Christmas version is interesting for the history, but the Pretty Woman version was always the best… until Traveling. The version on Traveling is subtly different and superior to the Pretty Woman one in my opinion. It surprises me that it does not appear on this record.

  • Tridy

    I was wondering why is 25th anniversary “It Must Have Been Love” 2x more expensive than “The Look”?

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