Per’s report from Spain!

Roxette is busy making a new album in Spain. Hallandsposten was honoured to be the first and the only newspaper to get a detailed report of the recording session.

There is quite a big group making the album in Marbella, Spain. The discipline is tough when Roxette is working. The recordings start every day 12 o’clock and end at 9 pm. ”When we live and work in the same house and even the families are with us, we get easily too social. That’s why it’s important to have some kind of a schedule”, says Per.

Many people think the new album as Roxette’s comeback. Per doesn’t think so, because the previous tour ended on May 1, 1995 and the previous new single track, ”She Doesn’t Live Here Anymore”, was released as late as in summer 1996. ”But of course comeback sounds better and more exciting”, says Per.

18 new songs were written last autumn. So far Marie has co-operated in two songs. This time she has made both music and English lyrics. Roxette has never before released any songs with Marie’s lyrics!

In Spain Roxette has now recorded 4 songs. The goal is to record seven songs or about 60% of the album. However, this time starting has taken longer time than they had expected.

Not much is said about the band. Anyway, Per and Marie are now playing themselves more than before. The latest guests in the studio have been the drummer Christer Jansson and the guitar players Mats MP Persson and Micke ”Nord” Andersson. According to Per this time there will be more dance beat and violins.

In the beginning of February Roxette comes back to Sweden to write more material. The next recording sessions will be in France or Italy. Roxette’s deadline is in August and the album should be in the shops in October-November. Hallandsposten’s Swedish article

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January 26th, 1998

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