Per talks 2016 and 2017 with TDR

Tis the time of the year. Time for The Daily Roxette’s traditional Xmas interview with Per. We managed to sneak in a few questions during his glögg sipping.

Obviously reading some of the answers, there are things Per won’t discuss at this point of time, but we will surely find out in 2017!

The Daily Roxette: How’s Marie doing?
Per: She’s fine, spending Xmas with her family.

TDR: It’s been 6 months, how has Good Karma performed? How do you feel about it now?
Per: It has achieved what it was supposed to do. It’s very tricky for a band like us to get major support from radio etc. We know that. We’re very pleased with the quality of the album and that’s where it ends for us, and, of course, we’re touched by the reception we got from all our fans. Most of you seem to enjoy it!

TDR: Your (own) favorite songs change from time to time, which songs on Karma crank your tractor still?
Per: I still like “Some Other Summer,” “Why Dontcha” and “It Just Happens” a lot. I actually like all of them. Like I said earlier we’re very proud of the album, there are some great songs, it’s well produced and got some amazing Marie-vocals on it. 

TDR: We agree, we gave it 5/5, remember? Will you release a deluxe version of Good Karma, do you think?
Per: No.

TDR: Pity. Will there be another single off it?
Per: We’re talking about it but it doesn’t look like it, no. I would say it’s a fifty-fifty chance.

TDR: And are you pleased with the single choices?
Per: Yes. And I think the title track would have been an excellent choice too.

TDR: You mentioned once that there are lots of unreleased material, will there be some releases from that?
Per: I did? Well, I lied. There are a few leftovers though. They will be out eventually. Nothing has stopped us before.

TDR: Lies… all these lies… Ha ha! Speaking of releases, the DVD box, is that dead?
Per: No, it will happen. We’ve had a little problem with the package. Or, how should I put it, Warner had.

TDR: And while on the subject, the Per Gessle Archives II, how about that?
Per: Might happen. I need to get a little older first.

TDR: How do you feel about the Baby Roxers Lullaby project?
Per: I’m flattered. Now I don’t have to go to sleep to re-runs of the Macahan Family.

TDR: En vacker kväll (A Beautiful Evening) – why are going out on this solo tour? Are you itching to play?
Per: I love to play live and will tour as much as I can. It’s ten years ago since I did a Swedish tour on my own so I felt it was time. I really look forward to it. There are some new names in the band this time and also new boots on Christoffer.

TDR: You’re right, 10 years it is! 2007, En händig man på turné… Will there be anything from Good Karma on it?
Per: Hard to say. Don’t think so. I’ve got so many other songs… Most of the stuff will be in Swedish.

TDR: And how about taking the tour down to Europe, like Gessle over Europe?
Per: Maybe… but not with the summer project since most of it is in Swedish.

TDR: Now, the recording sessions in Tennessee seem to have been very festive, with tons of producers and guest artists. Tell us what you can at this point.
Per: It will be out in April. It’s beautiful and pretty low key and quite lyric oriented. It’s quite acoustic but with a ”modern” touch. Hey, we had Anders Herrlin in the studio for three weeks! There are six guest-vocal appearances so you might as well start to discuss and guess and confuse each other from now on. That’s my xmas gift to you, Thomas!

TDR: Uh, right… appreciate that. How did it work with one of the background singers, the one from England, on a Swedish album?
Per: Swell.

TDR: Come on, give us something more about the forthcoming album?
Per: Prof von L is mixing as I write this so I believe it’s in stereo. Lots of goodies on it.

TDR: OK then, that does sound nice. So, Gyllene turns 40 next year, what are your plans there?
Per: No plans. We will do more gigs and recordings for sure but I don’t know when. We’re still young! 57 is the new 56.

TDR: Anything else you would like to divulge?
Per: No. You know more than enough already. Have a hot dog.

TDR: Yeah, wish we had some Nathan’s here in Sweden. How do you like the new Star Wars?
Per: Haven’t even seen the old Star Wars. I just started to watch the Sopranos. I’m way behind.
TDR: Oh, that was a while ago…

TDR: And finally, regarding SS12, now that you’re sponsoring and mentoring new artists, what can you help them with, thinking about your long career? The music scene has changed some since you were… younger than now. If you were in their shoes, would you dare becoming a musician today?
Per: Good questions and I don’t really have any good answers. I started the SS12-label because I love pop music and I still believe you stand a chance becoming a successful artist and a songwriter if you’ve got the talent and the motivation. I hope I’m not wrong. This business has changed so much. But there are still opportunities and time for a glass of champagne once in a while.

With that we thank Per for taking his time with us and for a good Roxette year. 2017 looks promising. Merry X!

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December 24th, 2016

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