Per speaks to German media

Per Gessle is on a short media tour in Germany to promote the new album.

While being in Berlin Per has of course met German media, which want to know if Marie is OK and why the tour has been canceled. Marie told Per that she can’t do it anymore. “I can’t travel, I can’t be on stage, I can’t focus anymore.” Then Per said “OK, let’s kick it.” Per says to German TV RTL that Marie’s cancer has not returned. “She is however nearly blind on one eye, and what’s worse is her leg. She has almost no mobility at all.”

Per is in Germany to promote the release of the new album Good Karma which will be released June 3.

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Thomas Evensson

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May 24th, 2016

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  • Ding Dong


  • Roderick

    Best wishes Marie… ?

  • Mishka

    I hope Per will come back on stage soon

  • RealRoxxxer

    BILD already knows, that Good Karma will be the last album ever for Roxette.
    This newspaper should be forbidden. 🙂

  • YngsjöBarn

    It´s not just BILD, but it is exactly what Per said during the interview: He does not believe that Roxette will come back again.

    • Jay Kay

      He said that exactly? Really? If you know better, share the source!

      Maybe it will be true in the end, but right now the man himself said something quite in contradiction with your claim.

      “… It doesn’t mean necessarily that Roxette is over. I mean we might do more music together in the future, but time will tell, its really up to Marie”. – German Interview May 26 2016.

      Basically, the same message he’s given since Marie got sick. Future Roxette = depends on Marie, and she hasn’t hung up her microphone, just her touring boots.


    9 days to go before getting my copy : cannot wait even more knowing it will be their 10th and final album!! 3rd june!! will be lucky to get it same day as the release thanks to Amazon!! cannot get it quicker anywhere else!!

    • AppleTart

      Already got the album… it’s ok, not the best though…

      • Anders Falck Tindborg

        Totally agree on that one. It’s actually the worst album ever. Really disappointed. Only two songs suits me. “Good Karma” is actually a good up-tempo and “It just happens” you already know this. Rest of the album is bad.


          thanks anders for your reply…so not liking their album? most fans from ROXETTE didn’t like their 2 previous albums but I do!! CHARM SCHOOL 2011 sold 1M copies worldwide….more than KYLIE MINOGUE AND MADONNA latest albums!! that means something!!

          • Anders Falck Tindborg

            I loved all their previous albums. This album sounds to “updated” – it’s quite far away from the traditional Roxette sound. And I have been a fan since childhood.

          • Wicf

            Hmmm, how did you come to the conclusion that the majority of fans don’t like CS and Travelling?

          • Michal MrMichael

            Exactly! They were really great albums and they were classic Roxette

          • Wicf

            CS is kinda good, IMHO, Travelling is superb, the atmosphere truly reminds me of Tourism

        • Tridy

          wow, and I thought I was the picky one. IMHO, a pretty good album. 6 songs grew up on me. I like “From a Distance” the most. BTW, “April Clouds” is a version of “Wish You The Best” from TWATG.
          2,3,4,6,7,10 are my personal fav picks.

          • AppleTart

            My fave is 20 BPM, having the MP3 already, I am so disappointed with the rest of the songs I doubt I will buy the actual CD!


        oh …what a shame…for their last ever album…I expected a great album…and even MARIE mentioned it was their ever best 1…compared with their last 2 it is? many thanks appletart for your reply…

    • AppleTart

      Oh and HMV in the UK will be selling the CD and Vinyl on release day!


        thought HMV only sold online and closed down their UK SHOP RETAILER….could be wrong

        • AppleTart

          No, they still have large stores often in cities, we have them up North, Liverpool and Manchester!

    • Jay Kay

      You know its the final album? Per doesn’t even know this “… It doesn’t mean necessarily that Roxette is over. I mean we might do more music together in the future, but time will tell, its really up to Marie”. – German Interview May 26 2016.

  • Michal MrMichael

    I have to react. I’m surprised how you guys talking about the new album! First it’s like a gift we are getting full new album from Roxette and we should be all happy about it! If u listen to it carefully you reveal by listening to it everytime something new in each song! The production is genial and Per & Marie did amazing job! True… After first listening it’s a little shock 🙂 bcs this album is really different but hey! We all knew for long that they are coming with new sound so who expected Roxette how we know them was silly 🙂 It’s amazing that they so naturally blend with nowadays music and didn’t get stuck to what they were doing for 30 years! The music moved on and so them and they showing us how Roxette sound in 2016! You need to give it time and listen carefully. The album is actually really infectious! You will reveal their sounds and bits and pieces from Joyride era but yea it’s all hidden and I find it really cool. Songs like You Make It Sound So Simple or You Can’t Do This To Me Anymore are absolutely cool and something what they never did before and I can’t get them out of my head. The album has strong potential and will grow in you exact same like It Just Happens does! It will surprise everyone. Yea I miss something classic Roxette but again we got lot of that in past years so it’s time for something new! I remember Have A Nice Day album had also slightly different sound and I was like all in Omg haha and we all loved it in the end so be more open minded and those of you who will listen to it be prepared for really new sound and listen to it carefully! The music goes on and as artist you cannot do the same all the time. You have to experiment and Roxette did amazing. AND…! Per said in newest interview that bcs they stopped touring it doesn’t necessarily mean End of Roxette that they might produce something new in the future but it’s up to Marie!!!!! 😉 yay. So support this album guys!

    • Rodger

      Joy and dissapointment in the mix. It seemes to me, this album is another Gessle’s solo “Party crasher”. Per’s beloved 3-4 disco tunes from 70’s that took the worst from modern dance mixes. Voices are OVERsaturated, in some songs (especially Marie in “Good Karma”) lyrics are unrecognizable. Sadly, there’s only one hit on the album – “It just happens”. “Karma” is potential hit, but too messy and jumps from one style to another. Ballads are boooooring.
      Funny that the weakest songs are gathered in second part of album, it actually ends after “Some Other Summer”.

    • Tonny

      The only good song on this album is It Just Happens and it was a horrible disappointment to come to the terms that this is a bad album and maybe the last one as well.. When I listen to Roxette I want to fell like WOW I have to listen to that album over and over again as it was the case in the past, but this time I just went to cancel the pre-order. I understand that they want to be modern and stuff and that they don’t need to make music to please anybody anymore, not even their fans, that’s OK, we live in a free world, but they should not hype us with the only good song IJH as a lead single and say that this album is their best etc. I remember listening to Joyride on a tape for days until the tape got run down and could not be played anymore, that’s what I call good music..

  • alejandro

    she is idole.

  • rmkey

    America had it’s greats and so did the UK. So did Sweden! Per and Marie were magic together. Easily my favorite group of all time! Marie is unique and easily the most talented female vocalist in the world. Not to mention beautiful.

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