Per: “My lyrics were pathetic”

The members of Gyllene Tider tell about the recently published old demo tracks in Aftonbladet. The tracks, "Nu går det bara av farten" and "Cilla, 16 - söt som socker", were refused by the record company. "You can easily figure out why," says Per. "The main reason was my pathetic lyrics."

Or what do you think? Gyllene Tider in 1980: "Det går av bara farten, vi har sex mitt i maten och struntar i durex-automaten." (roughly translated: "Now we need to hurry, we have sex in the middle of lunch and we couldn't care less about the condom machine.")

Both tracks are from the same demo cassette, dated on June 18, 1980. Per has transferred all the demos on DAT tapes which he keeps in a fire-proof safe. "If everything else burns down, these demos will be left. What a fortune."

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June 8th, 2000

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