Gyllene Tider

Per keeps his voice in shape with ginger tea

FALUN – Per Gessle must keep his voice in shape this summer because tens of thousands of people are waiting him to sing almost every night. Stress or flu could lead to a disaster. This time it’s even tougher than during the last summer’s “Mazarin” tour.

  “It was more fine-tuned and emotional. This is much more teenage screaming,” Per says. The key of the old Gyllene Tider songs were chosen 25 years in a lousy training place. “All the songs go in A. It’s not a good key, but that’s what they are,” says Per. “There are many songs on “Finn 5 fel!” that go quite high, too,” mentions Anders Herrlin.

  So far Per hasn’t had problems with his voice. Using an “in-ear” system helps him to keep the voice down because he can hear his own singing. But is there a secret weapon to keep the voice in shape?

  “No, there isn’t. I don’t sing higher notes. And I drink ginger tea,” says Per.

  “Ginger tea? Is that what you call it?” asks Micke “Syd”.

  “That’s right,” Per replies.

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July 26th, 2004

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