Per: “It’s my fault the album’s been delayed”

Per tells in Aftonbladet’s interview that he enjoys being a father – so much that Roxette’s new album has been delayed. He doesn’t want to work so intensive anymore. When Per isn’t at the studio he spends time with his wife Åsa and son Gabriel Titus who turns 1 on August 5. Per says that only two songs haven’t yet been recorded. After they are recorded there’s only the mixing of the album left. According to Aftonbladet Roxette has already recorded 19 songs. They were all recorded in Spain.

“When you release an album you must work for it”, says Per. “It takes maybe half a year to travel around and promote the album. If you go to a tour after that, it becomes a long project. At the moment we aren’t motivated for touring.” Both Per and Marie have a family and small children. In that situation it can be hard to leave on the tour.

Per is waiting for Gabriel’s first step. “I believe he starts to walk before a month has gone.”

Aftonbladet’s Swedish article

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July 17th, 1998

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