Per is a handyman: new album and summer tour

STOCKHOLM - Like the handy man Per Gessle is, he has put together a new album in Swedish with the title "En händig man" - ("A Handyman"). If everything goes as planned, the album will be released on June 12.

"As I did with 'Mazarin' and 'Son Of A Plumber', I have recorded the album at Christoffer Lundquist's in Skåne and, of course, Christoffer together with Clarence Öfwerman are my closest collaborators this time as well. Through the years we have found a feeling and a way of working which is very special and it felt natural continuing this creative trip together," says a happy Gessle.

And after a two-summer break, there will be a "En händig man på turné" tour this coming summer.

"It's great to tour in our beautiful summer-Sweden. It's [been] four years since the 'Mazarin' tour and it feels very inspiring to go on tour again. Musically it will be a fireworks display of everything possible, new songs, of course, but also many of my Gyllene Tider songs which I know people want to listen to," Per says.

In 2003 Per released his first solo album in Swedish in 18 years, "Mazarin", which was a great success with almost 400,000 sold albums. "Här kommer alla känslorna (på en och samma gång)" was the Song of the Year and the hastily organized summer tour became the Tour of the Year 2003.

2004 yielded yet another biggest record – the gigantic Gyllene Tider GT25 tour – which became the most successful tour in Sweden of all times. Almost half-a-million Swedes attented, saw and celebrated.


We are now in 2007 and can look forward to a glistening Gessle-summer with a new album and a new tour with new and well-known pop-pearls. With over 800 songs in his baggage, there is plenty to choose from…

Tickets will be released March 15 and are 370 SEK plus service charge.

Judith contributed to this article.

Per will tour with:

Clarence Öfwerman - keyboards
Christoffer Lundquist - guitar
Mats MP Persson - guitar
Helena Josefsson - backing vocals
Jens Jansson - drums
Magnus Börjesson - bass

Tour dates

11 July – Halmstad - Örjans Vall
13 July – Linköping - Stångebrofältet
14 July – Sandviken - Högbo Bruk
15 July – Leksand - Sammilsdal
17 July – Borgholm - Idrottsplatsen
19 July – Helsingborg - Sofiero Slott
20 July – Västervik - Gränsö Slott
21 July – Göteborg - Slottskogsvallen
22 July – Strömstad - Vallen
24 July – Visby - Östers Gravar
27 July – Skövde - Bolougnerskogen
28 July – Christinehof - Christinehof Slott
29 July – Varberg - Fästningsrundan

1 August – Jönköping - Elmiafältet
3 August – Karlstad - Mariebergsskogen
4 August – Växjö - Evedal
5 August – Malmö - Mölleplatsen
10 August – Västerås - Lögarängen
11 August – Örebro - Behrn Arena
12 August – Stockholm - Sjöhistoriska Muséet

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