Per gets bugged by Finnish reporter

HELSINKI – Per was interviewed recently by Nyt, a weekly Finnish newspaper (The name means “now” in Finnish), and the article appears in their latest issue. They are known for asking stupid questions and many times in the past, they have managed to upset their subjects. Per seems to have stayed calm, though. Here are some interesting facts that are revealed in the article:

  If Per were to be one of The Beatles, he would be George, because “he has the best haircut.” If he met aliens from outer space, he would give them Abba’s “S.O.S.” single. “It’s a pity I didn’t compose it,” says Per.

  Per’s favourite scent is the scent of his son; he thinks “Lady In Red” is the worst ballad ever made; and Per would never wear a bicycle helmet, because he thinks they are ugly.

  The name “Love Peas” (the initial name of “The Ballad Hits” album) was changed because they learned that it means “testicles” in British slang.

  Per says that it’s not possible that he could’ve killed Olof Palme, because he was attending Marie’s concert at the time. Reporter Ilkka Mattila also asks if Per ever plays air guitar. “I do it quite often, especially when I’m drunk,” he answered. “‘Hate To Say I Told You So’ by The Hives is a great air guitar song,” Per tells the reporter.

  The last question is if Per has ever bought one of his own records from a store. “Yes,” says Per. “I’ve bought a record as a gift when I’ve visited a friend. And you have to support our record company EMI. They’re having hard times.”

  Mari contributed to this article.

This article was written for an earlier version of The Daily Roxette.
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November 22nd, 2002

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