Per Gessle sued!

Per Gessle has been sued by Tylöhus art gallery. The gallery claims that Per has broken the contract they did two years ago. Tylöhus had its gallery at Hotel Tylösand which is owned by Per. Now the gallery wants Per to pay them 2.5 million SEK (350000 USD) because the gallery had to leave its place. After the gallery had left the place, a new gallery, Tres Hombres Art (which Per partly owns), started to sell art at the same place!
Tylöhus gallery had been at the hotel since 1954. ”Per Gessle's interest in art can become expensive history” writes Aftonbladet.
Per Gessle is known for his art collection. About a year ago he bought 1200 works of art from a bankrupt's estate. Aftonbladet's Swedish article

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Visa Kopu

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March 18th, 1998

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