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Per Gessle and Micke Syd spill the beans

VOLLSJÖ – (Updated) Per and Micke are in the studio down in Skåne with the rest of the band. The album backgrounds have all been finished. Some vocals and overdubs remain on Dags att tänka på refrängen. The new tour schedule was presented today. Today is also press day so we got a few questions through the filter.


How does the new album sound, compared to what you’ve done previously?
I’ve tried writing songs in the true GT-spirit. Very dangerous Farfisa organ, straddling guitar sandwiches, itchy bass eighths, snappy snare drum fills. It’s been fun. And it sounds fab since GT is awesome at just this.

Who produces?
Auntie Clarence and auntie Christoffer are helping out in the kitchen.

So, 12 songs, isn’t that very 1963??
’66 if I may say so. The best pop-year ever!

And when will the single and album be available?
Sometime this spring. We were planning on getting finished first…

There are a few holes in the tour schedule, will there be gigs added?
Micke has a few gigs with his GT-coverband that he has to perform. Sälen I believe.

Per also says to Aftonbladet that they’ve requested venues that fill about 10,000 people. They don’t think they can break the records from 2004.
There will also be a new greatest hits compilation released. That will be the 6th compilation so far.

What can you tell me about the new compilation Soldans på din grammofon? (From a line in “Juni, juli, augusti”)
Nice sleeve, contains songs you already know, but maybe forgot about. It will sell a lot at the gas stations.

It’s been 9 years since last time, does it still feel awesome to be with the guys?
We are the Chateau Latour of pop. We only get better with time. But we need to be aerated from time to time.

Micke Syd

It’s been 9 years, except for some appearences here and there, how does it feel to get back in the saddle again?
It feels amazing, I like this horse.

How does the new album feel, from your angle?
More Gyllene, with all what that means.

I understand you are very happy with your life at this point. Has that helped getting the reunion happen? Given that you’ve seemed a little angry after the last tours?
I’m very happy and greatful to be able to do all this one more time.

Will you sing “Min tjej och jag” on this tour as well?
I hope so, considering it’s our best song! 😉

How different is this album, not to say better, than Finn 5 fel!?
More GT, mostly because Per Håkan wrote the songs for us.

Tell us a secret?
I like girls…

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