Per explains his side of the ‘Syd’ dispute

HALMSTAD – Per Gessle has issued this statement to The Daily Roxette due to the recent reports of Per and Micke ‘Syd’ being in dispute. Here’s his message, unedited:

The story so far:

I was born in 1959. Gyllene Tider (in the most famous line-up) was formed in 1979. The group was disbanded, with smiling faces, in 1985. Since then I’ve had my heart beating around the clock for Roxette or pounding gently for my solo career.

On very few occasions we have re-united Gyllene Tider. Two of those occasions were Återtåget in 1996 and GT25 (the tour) / Finn5Fel! (the album) last year. After the latter’s amazing success everything has returned back to “normal”, i.e. Roxette and my solo stuff.

There are currently no plans for further GT-projects. The main reason being the unbelievable success from last year which is hard, if not impossible, to follow up.

I have sent my wedding-congrats to Micke & Helena and I sincerely hope they’ll get a happy and prosperous life together.

Moneywise I never make any official comments regarding deals and contracts. However, the figures and internal splits that have been suggested in the media are laughable and nowhere near the truth.


P., sunny Halmstad July 22 – 2005

Micke ‘Syd’ has denied the reports as well, but said that “sometimes in life relationships just don’t work” without going into details.

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July 22nd, 2005

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