Per: BMI-listed songs not from “Room Service”

The Daily Roxette has reported that previously unknown songs written by Per and Marie were found listed in BMI's online database. One of the titles was "The Center Of The Heart (Is A Suburb To The Brain)" which – as we know now – will be the lead single from their forthcoming album, "Room Service."

  Per has now come forward to say that the other titles "are defintely Roxette's however they are not the songs from the 'Room Service' album" and that "it should not take too long before we can release them to you."

  It is unknown why the songs were registered with BMI before their release. For example, "Entering Your Heart", the b-side track for "The Center Of The Heart" single, is not yet listed in BMI's Hyper Repertoire service.

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Visa Kopu

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February 16th, 2001

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