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"Salvation" will be released in the end of October, which is EMI's decision. The video will be shot in Italy.

There are plans for a compilation video with some very old stuff, like "Neverending Love", but nothing has been confirmed yet. There won't be a release this year, that's for sure, however. "Un dia sin ti" will also be on the video.

Next album will be released "maybe maybe maybe in xmas 2000".

"Stars" is going to be released in Canada soon.
Right now it looks like there won't be any live gigs this year.

Anders Herrlin is making an album with his girlfriend, Jenny, for Sony.

"Have A Nice Day" has sold 90,000 copies in Japan.

"Well, I think that the MTV Unplugged show eventually will be released", says Per.

Jackie Öfwerman who appears on "Have A Nice Day" is the daughter of Staffan Öfwerman, another member of the Roxette band. (Staffan is brother of Clarence, if I remember right.)

The name of Per's wife, Åsa, is pronounced like "awesome".

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