New single in February… album in April after all?

Aftonbladet published an article today about Swedish music video director Jonas Åkerlund who will be directing Britney Spears' new video later this month. But before that, on January 17th, he is going to fly Los Angeles to shoot the video for Roxette's new single.

  The single will be sent to radio stations at the end of February. EMI Finland confirms this, saying also that the retail version will be in the shops at the beginning of March.

  Åkerlund says in Aftonbladet that there are three possible tracks to be the lead single at the moment. "I'm working on ideas for each of them at the same time," he said.

  According to EMI Finland, it's "very much possible" that the release date for the album will be April 20th, even though EMI Svenska has already denied it. EMI Finland doesn't have any exact dates at the moment, but according to them, the album "should be released in April".

  Neither Aftonbladet nor EMI Finland give any titles at the moment. Aftonbladet, however, lists a Roxette video called "Alone" that was directed by Åkerlund. The list is not very accurate though, as it contains obvious errors such as Roxette videos entitled "Whale" and "Pay For Me". Actually, Whale is a Swedish band for which Åkerlund has directed the "Pay For Me" video.

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January 8th, 2001

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