New music from Jonas Isacsson

New music from the guitar master himself.

Jonas Isacsson has written a new tune for the series Arctic Life. He really wants your input about it.


“I’m writing and recording new music and it feels good. Glad to contribute to this new project. Check out the video and Play Loud!” says Jonas to The Daily Roxette.

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Thomas Evensson

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May 9th, 2017

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  • James Crompton

    Lovin it. Got a bit of the Viking in it! 🙂

  • Roberta Ferrante

    It is fantastic!! Loved every bit of it!

  • Skyrider

    Sounds cool! Would like to hear more of this.
    I’m still impressed by Jonas’ guitar playing for the other artists at NOTP and still can’t believe he played Within Temptation (one of my fav bands) songs with Sharon den Adel there.

  • Ettexor

    hmm sorry but, i don’t like it 🙁

  • Jonas Isacsson

    Thanks for your comments, makes me happy. Yeah, Sharon den Adel was nice to work with. And it’s ok to be sorry Ettexor, I’m sorry too as long as Trump is President.

  • bradhdyd

    It’s sounds great, full of energy and a bit primal.

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