Marie’s life turns into a book

Swedish morning paper DN reveals today that Marie Fredriksson’s life will turn into a biography written by author Helena von Zweigbergk.

For a year and a half Helena has been at Marie’s house having coffee and talking to Marie. Helena has also been by Marie’s side during the Australian leg of the XXX world tour. The biography is Marie’s idea and it will be released this fall by publisher Piratförlaget. “Us Swedes don’t always have a clue about Roxette’s success abroad. It was amazing to be in full arenas in Australia where people sing along to every song!” von Zweigbergk says to DN, and continues “I think she’s one of Sweden’s biggest singers. She tells a story when she’s singing. It’s one of her special gifts, to bring an emotional story through in her music.”

On the question if Marie has led an exciting enough life to write about she replies: “Absolutely, it’s a dramatic life. She’s made an enormous class journey. From living under very poor conditions in Östra Ljungby to being embraced by arena fans from Vladivostok to Rio de Janeiro.”

The article doesn’t mention if it will be available in English or not.

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Thomas Evensson

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March 13th, 2015

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  • Caro Acosta

    would it be available in English or Spanish?

    • RobS

      I’m thinking this is going to be Swedish only. I hope i’m wrong, but I can’t see them releasing it in English.

  • Daniela

    Great news and a good reason to keep on learning Swedish! Is there any information about the exact release date?

  • MuggleDude

    Please oh please oh please…. this HAS to be released in English as well. There are SO many fans in the U.S. that would love to read this. PLEASE Marie… we are begging you!!!

  • roxulikeababy

    Of course it will be Swedish only. Have we learned nothing?

  • silvia

    En español también! !!!!♡♥♥♥♡

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