Marie to undergo chemotherapy; tumor was cancerous

EDITOR’S NOTE – Marie Fredriksson’s condition is a lot worse than has previously been reported, according to an article appearing in today’s edition of the Swedish newspaper Expressen. The article, written in a style known as “tabloid” or “yellow” journalism, seeks intentionally to sensationalize the story. Realizing this, The Daily Roxette chose to delay publishing this item today until we were able to reach Marie or her spokesperson for comment. We ask our readers not to overreact, as this “news” really doesn’t come as a surprise to any of us. This is the holiday season afterall… a season of hope. – LEO

STOCKHOLM – Marie is undergoing heavy radiation treatment, and her doctors are planning to start with chemotherapy.

  Her Roxette partner, Per Gessle, has stated in several interviews, that she is “as well as anyone can expect”, but – the way Expressen put it – behind these words lurks a darker truth.

  “The cancer is not under control,” claims Expressen’s reporter. Several sources, according to this published report, reveal that Marie is
receiving heavy radiation treatment and also chemotherapy in the near future. According to these same sources, Marie herself has said that the tumor was malignant, and
that she is isn’t feeling well.

  To stop the cancer from spreading, she is now going to the hospital to receive radiation treatment several times a week.

  This kind of treatment is hard on the body, and the common side effects are hair loss and nausea. It’s been said that Marie suffers the most from the later… being sick to her stomach.

  She is, of course, supported by her family, who are by her side constantly.

  Marie Dimberg, Roxette’s manager, told The Daily Roxette this afternoon that “Marie wants all of you to know that she is well and strong under the circumstances. As you know, the entire tumor was removed during the operation and Marie is resting in her home. Out of respect for Marie’s privacy, we will not give any further medical details, but she is very positive and looks forward to the Christmas holidays.”

  Marie Fredriksson has been described as a fighter and a goal-oriented person. Some of her friends have said that she is not even thinking about giving up the fight against the tumor. Marie Fredriksson herself has said that she is looking towards the future, to the moment when this treatment is going to work and the cancer will give in to the strong medications.

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December 11th, 2002

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