Marie launches her tour in Borgholm castle

Marie’s tour started yesterday evening in the Borgholm castle ruins. It was rainy, but 3,900 people still wanted to see Marie live in this exceptional outdoor venue, familiar to many Roxette fans from the “Listen To Your Heart” and “Dangerous” videos.

“I was really nervous about the bad weather – what if people wouldn’t come at all. It’s been eight years since my last solo tour and I got a wonderful response from the brave audience,” Marie says in Expressen.

Marie’s one-and-a-half hour concert got 2 out of 5 stars in Aftonbladet. “She is so good,” Per Bjurman writes. “But unfortunately: she is so uninteresting.”

Marie was visibly worn out after her concert when she finally got backstage to have a glass of champagne and to receive a huge bunch of red roses. Expressen’s Karin Sörbring was interested in how Marie still keeps going — even at 42. “I do athletics and boxing. But first of all I have many years’ experience performing on stage. And it feels like singing to friends when you have an audience like this,” says Marie.

Expressen had found two foreigners from the audience. “You were excellent!” shouted Simon Bray (23) from New Jersey and Klair Wellings (24) from London.


Aftonbladet’s Per Bjurman didn’t get carried away. “I don’t understand this music which seems so emotional but — as performed — feels so little, inspires so little and wants so little,” says Bjurman. “Ineffective and boring.” Sverige, the opening act, was in Bjurman’s opinion the best part of the show.

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July 12th, 2000

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