It Just Happens – Hanro’s review

We knew from the get-go that this album & it’s sound would be different, but still “Roxette”. I can honestly say that this first single ticks both boxes.

Initially, when we heard the first single would be “It just happens”, the big ballad memories of yesteryear flooded our expectations of what we can expect to hear. An “It must have been love” with the production of “Wish I could fly” perhaps? But alas, this is something slightly different. It’s a simple, no fuss, song with ultra-cool, contemporary production.

Sometimes I feel the order of the song is incorrect. Let me explain: the intro with Marie’s vocals sounds like an ending instead of a beginning and the first chorus (?) could’ve been left out as it doesn’t reappear until towards the end of the song. I feel like this takes away from the flow of the song. However, maybe this is in part the “magic” of this song?

After the second chorus Per belts out the bridge and pushes the song into new heights, which is then perfectly balanced with a quieter Marie vocal afterwards.

This is by no means the BIG BALLAD of yesteryear that we expected, but definitely a move in the right direction.

I’d love to mix it slightly and remove those bits I mentioned earlier to see if it’s a tighter song afterwards.

PS: I’m not a fan of the sleeve design.


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April 8th, 2016

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  • Tridy

    Does anyone know Is there going to be a physical release for the single?

    • echo666

      No, there will not be a physical release. At least not in Sweden. I e-mailed warner at and asked where I could buy it.The answer was “We will not release it physicaly but you can pre-order “Good Karma” at and that “I could buy the single on Itunes or stream it with Spotify, apple Music etc”
      Music industry is really weird today.

      • Tridy

        Thanks for letting me know. This sucks big time though. Anniversary editions get vinyl editions while the new single cannot get a cardboard single box.

        Good karma is indeed on Ginza for pre-order:
        with the tracklist:

        1. Why Dont’cha?

        2. It Just Happens

        3. Good Karma

        4. This One

        5. You Make It Sound So Simple

        6. From a Distance

        7. Some Other Summer

        8. Why Don’t You Bring Me Flowers?

        9. You Can’t Do This To Me Anymore

        10. 20 bpm

        11. April Clouds

        • Markus Behrens

          It’s been mentioned they recorded a total of 14 songs propperly – do we have any evidence yet where the last three songs will pop up? Hopefully not another compilation album #justsaying

          • Tridy

            Let’s see what options we have here
            If extra songs are good enough for another album, it might go there
            If not, then maybe a B-Side on a single
            Another compilation? I would not be surprised, since they are on the “new” label and they might want getting their own compilation.

            It was almost obvious to me that the mixes of “Some Other Summer” would b-side on the first single; but look — the first single is basically an unlock of the album song as bonus for those who pre-order the album in the digital format.

            It is a good time for the fake promo single appearance on eBay.

  • TheFanOf26Years

    Is there no official video release to go with the single?

    • Paul Belben

      The official video will be out soon, possibly next Friday?

      • Ettexor

        i hope before!

      • TheFanOf26Years

        That is just madness.

  • Krischan76

    Don’t underestimate
    your heart can never wait.

    How is it that Some Other Dude tends to write so catchy tunes and lyrics? It gets stuck in your head in endless repeat, you dream about it. My God…

    • RobS

      lol, yeah some of the lyrics are very simple, but works so well in the context of the song. Definitely a song that you start humming at various times of the day.

  • Erik

    Well I didn’t really review this song in my previous comment, as long as it was, though.
    So, here’s how I feel about it:

    It IS Roxette. And I can tell you that from the top of my 35-years old, 25 of them being a Roxette fan, 15 being a more intense fan and by this same period, waiting for the heart wrecking ballads and songs that we’ve been used to classify as Roxette style; and well, by this point, after all of the releases in this past period, I no longer expect that.

    Which is exactly why I got my filters cleansed and ready to truly apreaciate something I’ve been waiting for, bias and pressure-free, me first and then, P&M.

    It was way over time to release something that reminded us of these vintage Roxette, the one we fell in love for, ’cause well…they’ve been marked as trend makers or originators but as perfect performers of the current style in the radios. And guess what…this is the most shameless age in terms of copying the 80-90’s transition style, which was, btw, the moment of their hey day.

    This song brings me a feeling of “See Me” with a taste of the fill-in songs from CBB! or Rarities age. And no, they haven’t been achieving this in their past releases. At least not entirely. Their growth or development towards their past (paradoxical, isn’t it?) was step by step, but it is. Here it is!

    As for the lyrics…I really find it tricky to understand why I’ve seen hate criticism towards them. Sometimes fans – you know, your family – throw the heavier and most cutting stones than anyone could. This is Per, people. Not in his finest shape – which you could probably find in some songs from Joyride and most of CBB! and that’s all – but it’s him. I love the way he placed “You fall in love” and how this plays with both meanings: a conclusion and an order. You can understand them either way. “You fall in love!” it’s the best command you could accept, given by those who have been inspiring people to do so for 30 years.

    • RobS

      Well said. There’s probably people that aren’t fans of Joyride or The Look as well, you can never appease everybody. But this song has an air of familiarity while feeling very now. They seem to be good at that though. Let’s face it, they’re not going to be high in the charts (if at all, like in Aus), but its a damn fine song, that shows Rox still know how to make a great pop song.

  • P-p-p-pelle

    I don’t really like Pers’ voice in the beginning. Lyrics are fine, chorus too. In the end a fine song. However I must say this song can in no way be compared to the bombastic ballads like LTYH, CBB, Anyone or Salvation…

    • Tridy

      Do you know any artist who has done a successful power ballads recently? Or has applied a ‘Power Ballad’ style to the formatted ‘modern’ style of music?

  • @Hanro Manefeldt, Does anyone know the name of the blond and bearded actor in this clip??

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