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Steaming hot Per-interview by Mr. Evensson: Per, you're taking the old Roxette train on the road again, why? - Well, dear Thomas, as you know we felt pretty sensational doing the Night Of The Proms-gigs last year. So both Marie and myself thought it was a splendid idea to get the band together and try some gigs on our own. Not necessarily 2 hour sets but proper shows to see if Marie still feels comfortable fronting the band and also to find out if there still are some wonderful human beings interested in what we have to offer. But is there really any interest for Roxette left in the world?? It's been years and years... - Hey, well... we get so many requests we could be touring for several years starting today! It's actually quite unbelievable, it hasn't been like this for years!! So let's just hope there will be more to come next year. That does sound splendid I say! Who are you bringing on this tour? - We're gonna use the guys I worked with on the Party Crasher Tour last year. Both Marie and myself want a total live situation these days, no click tracks, no sequencers or computers on stage and this is by far the best power pop combo we know. Lots of ad lib, great harmonies and silly jokes in the dressing rooms. Unfortunately it looks like Helena won't be joining us this autumn but we all hope she can re-unite with us later on. Will you play any of your new songs on this tour? - Good question. I don't know at this point. But the core of the material will be the classic hits, of course. Interesting, let's hope there will be some new material. Will you be performing full concerts? You mentioned at least 60 minutes before X-mas. - Yea, the basic idea is to play 60-80 minutes depending on the situation. What are Marie's feelings about this? Is she up for it? - Oh, she loves it. She's really into Roxette at the moment and I can only follow in her footsteps. What are your feelings about this? I know you've waited for this for years. (Who hasn't??) - You're right, I certainly have! I have a good feeling about it since the NOTP-gigs turned out the way they did. Not long ago I was totally convinced there wouldn't be any more Roxette-shows ever but Marie proved me wrong. I'm very grateful for that. I agree, NOTP turned things around totally! And if things go well with these 6 concerts, how does 2011 look, Rox wise? - Well, we have no other musical plans for 2011 so there might definitely be more Rox-shows around the globe. It really is up to Marie, how she feels after the first round. We are also extremely positive about the new album which will be released early 2011 so if there is a God it might just be a swell year, who knows.... Norway is sold out, how do the other concerts look? Russia hasn't started selling yet as far as I know. - I don't really know but I've heard that both Sundsvall and Anderstorp have sold well beyond 10,000 tickets so far, and Denmark is over 15,000!! Like I said before, there seems to be an amazing interest so hopefully lots and lots of people will show up. About the Record, how are the recordings going, really? Tell us something secret and interesting! - Oh, I wish I could. We're looking at recording 16 tracks of pure elegance. Marie's vocals are terrific, Clarence is making great coffee, Chris even shows up sometimes and Jens is the hired gun for the drums for this one. I'm writing the poetry. Finally, anything else you want to add? - See ya later, alligators! Later gater!
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