Hundreds of additional get-well wishes to be sent to Marie

As news of Marie’s condition spread around the world, more and more people went online seeking additional information. Many of them found the link to the e-Wishes guestbook set up by Judith Seuma and supported by The Daily Roxette and several other sites. Since printed, bound into a book, and sent to Marie, over 1,000 more people have left entries there.

  Even though these entires came in late, Judith has decided – just one more time – to again print and bind these additonal entries and forward them on to Marie. When this is done early next week, the guestbook will then be closed to additional entries, and converted to an archive view.

  Marie received the first group of get-well wishes while in the hospital for the operation. “She was so glad to get all these thoughts”, said Marie Dimberg, her manager, to The Daily Roxette.

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October 10th, 2002

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