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Per makes an appearance at Gothenburg book fair

GOTHENBURG (Updated) – Per Gessle will take part in a seminar September 29 at 15:00 CET at the Gothenburg Book Fair. He will talk about the new book about him. Entrance fee is 400 SEK plus VAT (45€). The price is not just for the seminar that Per will attend, but for the whole day. […]

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More countries sign up for the upcoming Roxette releases

Holland, Switzerland, Poland and Spain have all decided to release the new Roxette material – the “Hits” CDs and the Rox Box. Some countries will release a physical single, some will stay with a digital-only release.   The Daily Roxette has also learned that the limited edition CD/DVD will not be in the digipak format, […]

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Additional NOTP concert in Germany

MUNICH – Due to the high demand, an additional matinée concert has been organized on Sunday, December 8, at 2pm here in Munich (this, in addition to the concert at 8pm).   PSE has now updated their German page, wishing Marie all the best and announcing Simple Minds and a yet-to-be-named surprise act (from the […]

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Daniel Zimmerman, the administrator of website and the listmaster of the Roxette Mailing List, sent an alarming message to the list. Having a site online can be expensive, and it seems’s costs are rising. Dan says he now has four choices: 1. I can continue to run out of my own pocket, […]

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Room Service Tour begins today!

Roxette’s European tour (even though EMA still refers to it as a “world tour”) is set to begin today in Munich, Germany. This is their first full-scale tour since Crash! Boom! Bang! world tour ended in 1995.   Swedish newspapers have published articles on their tour premiere. Aftonbladet has interviewed Per about his and Marie’s […]

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Universal plans copy protection for all CDs

Vivendi Universal’s Universal Music Group plans to start issuing CDs in October with software that prevents music from being digitally copied into computer files, Reuters reports. In practice, this means that their CDs won’t be playable in CD-ROM drives making it impossible to encode their contents into MP3 or similar files.   Other record companies […]

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Fanclub launches tour site

The Netherlands-based Official Roxette Fanclub has launched a new website dedicated to Roxette’s Room Service Tour. The fanclub is going to co-operate closely with EMA Telstar, the company that organizes the tour. They are also going to provide streaming content together with their partner Tiscali.

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New DVD sums up Roxette videos

According to EMI Austria and the Official Fanclub, Roxette will release their first DVD on November 5th. The disc, possibly titled “All Videos Ever Made And More…”, will include 40 videos and “most likely 1 documentary.”

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SA shows cancelled, MATAH in the UK and more

A lot of things happened during TDR’s absence. Here’s our round-up: Room Service Tour concerts in South Africa, scheduled in late December, were cancelled after tragic events of NYC. “The prospect of going long flights with families under the current circumstances does not feel comfortable and the decision had to be made now,” Per and […]

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St.-Petersburg’s posters are blue…

ST. PETERSBURG – As even the tickets to the upcoming shows are colored in a Room Service “style” (red and black colors), it’s a little surprising that the posters which have appeared on the streets of Saint-Petersburg are blue and white.

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The Rasmus supports in the Nordic

Roxette’s support act in Sweden, Finland and Estonia will be a band called The Rasmus, reports Finnish tabloid Ilta-Sanomat.   The Rasmus is a Finnish rock band who is praised for its powerful performing charisma. The members of the band are young (avg. 21-year-old), but they have been performing together for about 7 years already. […]

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In-store in New York; party with Swedish Consul General

Roxette had a busy day in New York City Wednesday. After an acoustic, live perfomance on WPLJ and numerous interviews with both the American and Swedish press, they appeared at the long-awaited “in-store” at Virgin Megastore, Times Square. They performed five songs, in same order they chose for the ‘MixFest’ music festival last Saturday in […]

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New compilation receives overwhelming review in Billboard

The latest issue of Billboard has a superb review of the revised US version of “Don’t Bore Us, Get To The Chorus”, which was officially released yesterday. This is the actual review: It’s ironic how some acts just rack up hit after hit, seemingly under the radar of pop culture. It’s also interesting to note […]

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Fans had their own “afterparty” in New York

RoxNorthAmeriFans, an organization of American, Canadian and Mexican Roxette fans, got together after Roxette’s in-store appearance at Virgin Megastore in Times Square, New York City, last Wednesday evening. The fans enjoyed fun and fellowship at the Harley Davidson Cafe, just north of Radio City Music Hall. RoxNorthAmeriFan Sebastion Siciliano, who flew up from Miami to […]

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2000: Roxette's US promotion tour

Virgin Megastore, New York City, USA

1991: Roxette’s “Join The Joyride!” tour

Spektrum, Oslo, Norway