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London Baby! – RoXXXette @ The O2.

LONDON – My Roxette History: In brief, it’s my 4th ever Roxette concert despite being a fan since 1988. My Parents thought me to young to attend the Joyride or indeed Crash! Boom! Bang! World Tours when they hit the UK back in the early nineties. I don’t think I ever forgave them for that. I’ve followed them since 1988 and have amassed a Roxette Collection to be proud of. My latest item being the rare French “Fading Like A Flower” CD Single with the Black Cover. Love it!

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Gyllene Tider well linked with the audience in Linköping

LINKÖPING – How would you imagine a typical great Swedish summer day? Sun, yes. A small town with lots of young people. Warm air. People with picnic baskets on the green grass near a river. Relaxing. Listening to some good music. You know, Swedish summer tunes such as…. “Sommartider, hej hej!”. Yep, welcome to the […]

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Boston concert moved!

Please note that Roxette’s concert in Boston, USA, has been moved to a new venue and a new date: Boston, US, House of Blues, September 4. Tickets. House of Blues Boston consists of a 2425 person capacity – 3 story music venue, a dedicated restaurant, retail store and Foundation Room located next to Fenway Park.

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Roxette asked for 50 kg of ice for their concert in Moscow

Russian national music channel Muz-TV announced during a news break that Roxette have asked for 50 kg of ice, which they will need during their concert in Moscow’s Olympiisky, which is to be held on November 8, 2001. Why do they need the ice? No one knows…

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MTV Brazil to show “Milk and Toast and Honey” video

MTV Brazil said that the video for “Milk and Toast and Honey” will have its premiere on that channel on Monday, July 23.

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Oz album release delayed again

The release of Per’s solo album “The World According To Gessle” has been delayed in Australia – again. Now the Australian EMI says the album will be released two months after the lead single. The lead single “Do You Wanna Be My Baby?” is expected to be released August 1. Australian Roxette page

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2014-16: Roxette's World Tour

Sweden – Kalmar Fredriksskans

2011: Roxette's "Charm School" tour

Saku Hall, Tallinn, Estland

2007: Per Gessle's "En händig man" tour

Sofiero slott, Helsingborg, Sweden

2004: Gyllene Tider's "GT25!" tour

Helsingborg, Sofiero, Sweden

1992: Roxette's "Summer Joyride" tour

Glasgow, UK, S.E.C.C

1987: Roxette at "Rock runt riket"

Sofiero slott, Helsingborg, Sweden

1981: Gyllene Tider's "Moderna Tider" tour

Orsa, Sweden

1980: "Gyllene Tider" tour

Village, Stockholm, Sweden