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Cape Town sold out

CAPE TOWN – A reader from South Africa lets us know that both Roxette's concerts in Cape Town have been sold out.

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“The Man from Roxette” goes on European tour

Per Gessle takes his new album on the road. And not just that. He takes a lot of other things on the road:  "I'll play a power pop set with tons of guitars and a snappy snare with very little technology," Per says to The Daily Roxette and continues "We'll do a glorius mess of […]

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Roxette scheduled to perform live in 2005?

OSLO (UPDATED) – According to a report in today’s edition of the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, Roxette might be one of the headline acts performing live during a festival in Oslo in June 2005.   Norway is marking the 100th anniversary of their independence from Sweden on June 7, 2005, and the celebration will culminate in […]

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Per: “New Gyllene Tider album is still just a dream”

HALMSTAD/STOCKHOLM – Hallands Nyheter, the local newspaper for the Halmstad area, interviewed Per last week after he was nominated as the “Halland Resident of All Times.” Per was surprised, but he doesn’t want to be compared with historical persons. “It’s like trying to compare Picasso to the painters a long time before him. You can’t […]

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Roxette buys Ace of Base?!!

Interesting news on yesterday’s Svenska Dagbladet: Roxette has bought 51 per cent of the Swedish pop group Ace of Base on Monday. The article wasn’t very clear and they didn’t e.g. tell how this deal will be done in practice. Roxette, as we all know, isn’t just one company, but perhaps Ace of Base is […]

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Per’s report from Spain!

Roxette is busy making a new album in Spain. Hallandsposten was honoured to be the first and the only newspaper to get a detailed report of the recording session. There is quite a big group making the album in Marbella, Spain. The discipline is tough when Roxette is working. The recordings start every day 12 […]

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Per Gessle

Honung och guld (Live Halmstad 11 augusti 2017) (Digital)


Fingertips ’93 (CDS)