Highlights from Zürich

ZÜRICH – At first, this was meant to be a short clip with some nice scenes from Roxette’s SOLD OUT concert in Zürich on the 31st of October 2011 at the Hallenstadion. But then it turned out to be a small movie. 13,000 fans wanted to see Roxette in Zürich that evening. As we had reserved seats on the right side just in front of the stage, the view was amazing. Luckily, small cameras were allowed, so we managed to record some snippets. There are some scenes you shouldn’t miss. For example Per’s blooper at the beginning (fortunately, nothing happened). After “The Big L.,“ Marie was smiling all over her face and gave Per a pat on his back. Per’s talking to the audience saying that it would be always a pleasure to come back to Zürich. From “She’s Got Nothing On“ the audience was a lot more active than during the first songs. One gets goosebumps listening to the whole arena singing “It Must Have Been Love“ or “Spending My Time“. Another favorite: Per is playing with the audience at the beginning of “How Do You Do!“.

During the band presentation Per asked Magnus about a strange little blue machine he has never seen before. That part was indeed funny, because Per pretended that he has never heard of a synthesizer and many people were laughing at him. You can see the audience having fun with the big Roxette balloons during “Joyride“. “The Look“ was just amazing, watch the snippet. Marie at her best during “Listen to Your Heart“. After the first verse of “Church of Your Heart“ Per stopped singing. He was overwhelmed by the huge audience.

At the end of the concert Marie seemed a little bit lost as you can see on the snippet. It’s probably because most people did not applaud, but put their hands in the air and screamed “oohhhh…“. What they didn’t realize of course is that this is really special about the Swiss audience at big concerts or music festivals; it’s a sign that they enjoyed the concert. When they do this, they also want to play and wait for someone starting a wave. At the beginning of “Watercolours in the Rain“ you can see the front row trying to start the wave, but it didn’t work. It has to be someone from the stage. Fans hoped for Per or Marie to start the wave, but naturally nobody had told them about this. Hopefully next time! All in all, it was an unforgettable evening.

Here is the video, it’s not searchable.

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November 9th, 2011

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