Down Harrison

Here is our new album… says Pelle

Pelle Alsing, Roxette’s drummer, has good news for you. After many years of having been in the studio, his band “Down Harrison” has finally released their first album and he really wants you to know about it. So we caught up for a small chat today.

Hello Pelle, some say touring the world is not enough for you. Looks like you’re into country music now…
That’s true! I can’t get enough of touring!! The music we write is more like Americana, with a touch of pop and country.
When you say “we”, this time it’s not about Roxette but your band “Down Harrison”. Who’s in there?
Tommy Cassemar is playing the bass and some other instruments. Tommy played the bass on Roxette’s Pearls of Passion! Do you remember him? Jesper Willaume, lead vocals and guitar and Mikael Wedberg on keyboards, guitars and vocals! We also have Ola Gustafsson as an additional guitar player! He plays slide guitar, pedal steel and some other stuff.
Of course I remember Tommy, we even talked about him during our meeting in Stockholm. Is “Down Harrison” the project you had worked on when we met 3 years ago and you told me that it’s so hard to get all the band members into the studio at the same time? Who created this band actually?
It’s the same band and project! Tommy, Jonas Isacsson and I started this band together with Jesper. Jonas quit a couple of years ago and we replaced him with Mikael Wedberg.
The album was released end of March already. Our readers can listen to it on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and other services. As usual you play the drums on the album. Did you have something to say when it came to composing the songs?
Yes, we were all involved in the compositions and the arrangements.
How will we recognize your personal influence? How much did you form the album?
As I said, we work everything out together! I don’t think you can figure out what is especially me if you’re not a drummer. The music we do is the kind of music I’ve always been listening to.
Finally! This is the first album and it took you about 3 years to make it. Are there plans for a follow up?
We started to record the new album 3 weeks ago, so hopefully it will be released at the end of 2015!
Can we see you live somewhere apart from the Roxette tour, of course?
I’m gonna be busy with Roxette this spring and summer. No other shows are planned.
Thank you Pelle and good luck with your project!
Down Harrison

Down Harrison

“Down Harrison” was released March 28, 2015.

Official website: http://www.downharrison.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/downharrison


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April 27th, 2015

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