Gyllene Tider

Gyllene Tider’s 25th Anniversary?

STOCKHOLM – The Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen reports today about a possible Gyllene Tider comeback.

  In 1996, over 250,000 fans attended Återtaget. And now Gyllene Tider is thinking of another comeback. “We have met and discussed a couple of items,” explains Gyllene Tider’s guitarrist Mats Persson to Expressen.

  In 1996 the Återtaget tour was a success, a phenomenon. Expressen tells that the band members met again in Stockholm to discuss a comeback.

  “Gyllene Tider turns 25 years in two years, if there ever is a time to do something it will be then. That would definitely be something to celebrate. A 24th anniversary may be a bit odd. But one never knows, it may happen something unexpected then,” says MP.

A special chemistry

  Micke “Syd” can vouch for the fact that there still is an enormous interest in the group. “We get a lot of offers, people really want to see us,” he states.

  “Are you joking?” asks Expressen.

   “Does a bear shit in the woods?? No, but it is a great position to start from and we really want to take care of this interest. It feels really cool to be 41 and play in a band that people really want to see. There was a special chemistry when we met.”

   MP reveals that he and Per Gessle have recorded some demo songs already, as The Daily Roxette has previously reported. “We have recorded songs in Swedish in my studio. But so far we haven’t decided what will happen to these songs, you know… if it will be Gyllene Tider songs or Per solo songs.”

  When asked what they sound like, he says “It is pop for grown ups.” He is sure these songs could be a hit,
“but they don’t sound like ‘Gå & fiska!’, they are more mature, with personal lyrics.”

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November 18th, 2002

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