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Gyllene Tider sold more albums than any other artist

STOCKHOLM – Aftonbladet reports today IFPI’s chart of the most sold albums in 2004 and Gyllene Tider is at #1! Twenty years after they heydays the Boys are still the best. In spite of their success they “only” get to #6 on the most sold singles chart. “I have to pinch myself to believe this,” Per Gessle says.

  Next for Gyllene Tider is Aftonbladet’s award, Rockbjörnen, Jan 16. “We’ll be there, we are nominated in several categories,” Gessle states and laughs. Aftonbladet asks the natural question if Gyllene Tider will come back. Per replies “Well, a precondition that a thing like this will work is that you don’t overdo it. Right now I just want to hide so the public won’t barf on me! (laughs)”

  Interestingly enough “Mazarin” is at #16 a year after it’s been released.

Most sold albums 2004:

1. “Finn 5 fel! – Gyllene Tider

2. “Eurovision Song Contest 2004” [Swedish] – Various

3. “How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb” – U2

4. “Vatten under broarna” – Lars Winnerbäck

5. “Feels Like Home” – Norah Jones


15. “GT25 – Samtliga hits!” – Gyllene Tider

16. “Mazarin” – Per Gessle

  The charts show how many records the record companies have sold to the dealers, not how many records that have been sold to end customers.

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