Gyllene Tider book release party!

[TDR EXTRA] Robert Thorselius took part in the release party of the new Gyllene Tider book. This is what he writes about the party:

“On the evening of July 31, 1997 the release party for the new book about Gyllene Tider took place at Leif’s Lounge, Hotel Tylösand in Halmstad.

The author of the book, Jan-Owe Wikström, was of course present this evening and he was accompanied by four of the members of Gyllene Tider. The only band member not present was Anders Herrlin who was busy this evening and therefore not able to attend the party.

There were about 70 guests at the party and many of them were old friends of the band and the author. Some of the guests had also supplied the author with private photos and information about the band which was included in the book.

A few reporters from different Swedish newspapers together with a team from TV 4 was also there to report about the event.

The guests enjoyed free drinks, Per’s own beer of course, together with some food and while they were eating a tape with a recording of Gyllene Tider’s first live appearance from 1978 was played. Some rumours had stated that Gyllene Tider would perform at the party but that was of course not true. Despite the fact that this was a “secret” event there was about 30-40 fans, mostly Germans, standing outside taking pictures of the party.

At the end of the party the author and the band members signed copies of the books as well as other items that people had brought with them.

During the party an uninvited guest showed up – the Finnish NHL hockey player Esa Tikkanen. He had met Per awhile ago in the United States and now he just wanted to say hi again.

After the party most of the guests went into the bar to party with the hotel guests…”

Hallandsposten has also a Swedish article on the release party.

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