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MILAN – I clearly remember the big big surprise I got when I discovered Roxette would play in my country during the European leg of their XXX tour, I could not believe what I was reading!

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I had the luck of seeing them all around Europe, only daring to dream about a concert in my native Italy. The only and last time it happened was when I was only twelve, way back in 1989 (ooops, a lady should not reveal her age!) they never returned to play a concert live and I was sure I would only keep on dreaming but… anything is possible in life, and this is an example.

Not only was this the first Italian concert for me, it was the first time I enjoyed it in a small theatre (roughly 2,300 seats,) like many other people. Moreover I didn’t really know what to expect from Italian audience, not used to seeing them live.

A very pleasant thing that happened in the afternoon was a meeting with the Italian fans that I don’t meet so often, and I really hope that it can be repeated in the future. We talked about our experiences and memories, laughing, eating and drinking of course!

IMG_0736I have to say that an interesting thing started to happen before the concert, and it’s something I had never seen elsewhere: just to make sure audience remembered their songs well, a really good Italian Roxette cover band called Room Service played a very nice concert outside the venue, and we all started to “warm up” in a really pleasant way. Great job guys!

Later on, the moment I had been waiting for for 26 long years finally arrived and all I can say is that it was totally amazing! As soon as the first notes of “Sleeping in My Car” started we immediately forgot about the rules of the venue and all stood up, dancing and singing along like a big party! The band showed an unbelievable energy since the beginning, they were unstoppable and well… simply fantastic. If I could describe Marie, the first word which would come in my mind would be a quick “wow”. She was sitting during the whole gig and you could clearly read in her eyes how happy she was to be performing for us. To say that she was “all smiles” as I read many times does not mean much, because that is part of the performance when you’re in a stage, but there was something really positive you could read on her face.

Talking about the songs, the audience went crazy from the first to the last and I must confess it surprised me because vibrations I got were so intense, positive and warm! I think it surprised the band too. I don’t know, probably it depends on the fact that such a small space could really amplify our energy, honestly, I never felt such a love and happiness in a venue in the past, and they deserved all that love, trust me! The set list was not that different from Australian leg, and personally, I was really happy to hear “Crush on You.” When I knew it was included in their previous gigs, I prayed I could hear it in Milan as well, and it happened.

One (other) thing which surprised me was Chris’s solo during band presentation. I think it was a great and smart choice at the same time. He played a very famous opera melody from La Traviata. I love opera and I think I’ll never listen to that Brindisi song in the same way. Considering that in that theatre opera was performed in the past too, it was perfect.

If I had to summarize this experience I would say that I am first of all grateful and blessed, and my super lucky spot in the front row helped me to have this feeling, no doubt. If I had to paint those moments I would use the brightest colors.

Of course, moments I lived were full of great feelings for the presence of the international familiar faces who always support them everywhere: people from Austria, Germany, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Spain, Sweden and so many others I don’t even remember, forgive me.

So, after yesterday’s experience of a Roxette concert in a small venue the last thing I can write is that I understood the meaning of the saying “good things come in small packages” under an unexpected point of view.

Thanks again to the staff of The Daily Roxette for having given me this opportunity and thank you to Jessica Varta for her photos.

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May 11th, 2015

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